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But by eliminating this rule without enforcing any alternative standard, the Education Department is giving low-quality, for-profit colleges a free pass to charge high tuition for worthless credentials that leave students with insurmountable debt.
But last year, authorities unearthed import of low-quality MBM through Chittagong Port.
It was reported earlier that Belarusian and Russian officials met on April 23 to discuss the problem of low-quality oil supplies from Russia.
He says that some high-quality journals publish low-quality papers, and that some journals that are considered low quality publish the occasional high-quality, highly-cited article.
For adults, low-quality evidence suggests that decongestants may have a small effect on nasal symptoms; however, harms include increased risk for insomnia, drowsiness, headache, or gastrointestinal upset, and long-term use can lead to chronic nasal congestion.
While opposition deputy Karol Galek sees the increased subsidy for electricity production from low-quality brown coal behind the hike, the regulator argues with the higher prices of European carbon allowances (EUAs).
Speaking at the occasion, a known dermatologist Dr Manzoor Ahmed Memon said that in rural Sindh, these skin diseases appear due to scorching heat where women, specially, face problems due to the low-quality soap and makeup material, He said during hot weather, water should be used more than usual and light coloured clothes should be used to prevent the adverse effects of heat.
Low-quality foods (e.g., processed foods) have more calories and fewer nutrients (high-energy density).
According to RCB spokesman Qaiser Mahmood, the RCB Food branch team led by Chief Food Inspector Waris Bhatti under the supervision of Additional Executive Officer, Arslan Haider conducted a raid at a spices factory namely 'Khursheed and Sons' being run in Dhoke Hassu and recovered substandard and low-quality species.
Laboratory tests conducted by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) and the Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP) show that oil refineries and importers are using high dosages of chemicals in low-quality petrol to improve quality, posing a serious threat to car engines, environment and human health.
Kshetri, Pandit and Karki are suspected to have their hands in purchasing the low-quality transformers in the bid of making fast bucks.
The director of the Iran Standard and Quality Inspection (ISQI) agency says, according to the law, production lines of several low-quality vehicles should stop by Now Ruz.
The headline is not a typo: you really can't afford low-quality health care.
'...[W]e are making an update to help reduce low-quality links in News Feed,' Facebook's official statement said.
He said the low-quality materials have been used in drainages, Jangalas and other areas as the officials of cantonment board were also involved in irregularities.