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Synonyms for low-necked

cut to reveal the wearer's neck, chest, and back


Synonyms for low-necked

(of a garment) having a low-cut neckline

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They had on white dresses in honour of the occasion, and the June baby was even arrayed in a low-necked and short-sleeved garment, after the manner of Teutonic infants, whatever the state of the thermometer.
Some persons may fancy that Mademoiselle Cormon used every means to attain her end; and that among the legitimate lures of womanhood she devoted herself to dress, wore low-necked gowns, and employed the negative coquetries of a magnificent display of arms.
Rifling through the wardrobe, she picked out a low-necked blouse, a skirt - never worn due to being too short, and finished the outfit with her only pair of party heels.
A (https://www.naij.com/1094320-eksu-allegedly-introduces-dress-code-bans-ankle-chains-slippers-others.html) comprehensive list of clothing items not allowed to be worn by students included but were not limited to "tattered jeans," "loose ties," "low-necked tops," "sagging" and "abnormal haircut/style."
But there was one scene, in which a woman appeared with a low-necked dress.
That meant no to the black pelmet skirt, for example (not mine, I hasten to add, but presumably left in the house by a house-sitter), and no, too, to those low-necked blouses.
Subtler greys become snazzy silver for evening - look out for low-necked dresses, split skirts and sparkly pedal pushers.
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