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Synonyms for low-lying

having a small elevation above the ground or horizon or sea level

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lying below the normal level


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Later on we crossed a low-lying range of hills and found ourselves in an even better forest country.
To Alleyne whose days had been spent in the low-lying coastland, the eager upland air and the wide free country-side gave a sense of life and of the joy of living which made his young blood tingle in his veins.
Now, in barge and boat; and now ashore among the osiers, or tramping amidst mud and stakes and jagged stones in low-lying places, where solitary watermarks and signals of strange shapes showed like spectres, John Jasper worked and toiled.
The fog was gone, and in its place the sun sparkled crisply on the surface of the water, I turned to the east, where I knew California must lie, but could see nothing save low-lying fog-banks--the same fog, doubtless, that had brought about the disaster to the Martinez and placed me in my present situation.
A little way on one side of the camp was a low-lying heap of reddish soil, which had assuredly not been there before.
A low-lying place and a low-spirited place Calais was, with the tide ebbing out towards low water-mark.
The man watched him go, limping grotesquely and lurching forward with stammering gait up the slow slope toward the soft sky-line of the low-lying hill.
262 which is being implemented in the neglected waterlogged, saline and low-lying araes of old river bed in the Sindh Province, he told APP.
Implementation of Green stormwater management practices at Andujar Park in Camden, a low-lying area that drains into the city's combined sanitary-stormwater sewer system.
Hundreds of people in these three districts of the western Indian state of Gujarat were moved to safer places from low-lying areas near rivers and dams.
Various disaster councils across Bicol were placed on heightened alert on Saturday as the Low Pressure Area in the vicinity of Coron Island in Palawan province brought moderate rains that could trigger flash floods, mudflows and landslides to low-lying areas and mountain slopes in the region.
Volunteers were asked to take people from low-lying coastal areas to shelters, disaster management official Golam Mostafa said.
The Environment Agency put out an amber alert last night warning of a flood risk to low-lying land and roads.
Not only Dagupan is affected but also the low-lying areas of Urdaneta City, Sta.
According to a Rescue 1122, the rescue staff would be on standby to provide timely emergency response, medical treatment and transportation facilities to possible flood victims in low-lying areas.