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a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

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We are appalled that we have such low-life scum that do this to vulnerable people.
Before being caught in McKinney's house, the low-life, 21-year-old Marquis Anderson, first robbed McKinney's neighbor, Steven Flowers.
Gail is the original and superbly written story of low-life womanizer Tony Jackson.
The comedy story of low-life London is brought alive by The Who frontman Roger Daltrey and Bob Hoskins.
I too have suffered on many occasions from the low-life roaming the streets committing crime at my home and neighbourhood.
It's a tough job, especially in the pouring rain, and he's ready to call it a day when he gets a call for one last job for a low-life criminal attorney who needs a mysterious package to be delivered.
Smart-aleck songs about low-life thuggery are his forte, though he only played a handful Monday.
The cretinous low-life who inflicted this attack on him has eventually been sentenced to seven years'jail.
This is a tawdry tale about a low-life, New York pimp, Night.
Besides the whole crime element, it shows Italo-Americans as uneducated, low-life brutes.
The showcase really starts when a spectacular overture segues into the inevitable reference to the low-life origins of the baroque legwork and suggestive posture that are the tango's signature.
Since, at least, Picasso's appropriation of African Masks, low-life subjects and radical formalism, at the beginning of the century, Modernism has been explicitly (and paradoxically) fascinated by the primitive.
Part of the problem is the poem itself, a willfully giddy account of a low-life jazz-age debauch starring Queenie, her lover Burrs, and her party-boy Black.
I READ about the low-life, sneak thief who stole the 88-year-old veteran's medal, his father's medal and his collection of antique coins etc.
HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION ITV4 11PM PREMIERE Busted at the border, Mel Gibson is HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION ITV4 11PM PREMIERE Busted at the border, Mel Gibson is banged up in a Tijuana prison run like a low-life mall.