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a problem-oriented language requiring little knowledge of the computer on which it will be run

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Together 2005 enables teams to focus on solving critical design challenges versus spending limited time and resources on low-level language errors.
Research shows that low-performing students are twice as likely as high-performing students to be enrolled in low-level language arts courses in which the theory is that students who read and write poorly should read and write less.
smartX significantly reduces development lead-time by freeing developers from tedious, time-consuming, low-level language coding and debugging and providing a unified application framework.
Despite this it also offers many of the power features of low-level languages like C, such as pointers.
Their advantages are undeniable--they are compiled both high- and low-level languages with a high barrier to entry.
The solution is to move away from low-level languages like C to languages that are designed for safety and ease of analysis as much as for programmer convenience.
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