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Synonyms for low-down

Synonyms for low-down

having or proceeding from low moral standards

Synonyms for low-down

slang terms for inside information

of the most contemptible kind

(of jazz) having the soulful feeling of early blues


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Barish gives the history of each monastery, its artwork and products, and even the low-down on local events.
Johnson, best-selling author of Dating Games and The Harris Family, delivers an absorbing and provocative new novel about the low-down schemes and broken dreams that follow a fractured marriage.
And praise to all the House members who had the courage to stand up and denounce the low-down Republican tactics that were disenfranchising predominantly African American voters.
I read with interest the Sisterspeak article, "The Low-Down on the Down-Low" (Aug.
7) And last but not least, a John Waters tour of Baltimore would not be complete without a stop by Club Atlantis (615 Fallsway, 410-727-9099), a low-down gay club with erotic dancers where the infamous teabagging scenes in Pecker were filmed (real performers from the club were used).
That's not even a film review; it's a low-down, mean remark.
Snapping their fingers and stepping in unison, they approached the audience with a slinky, super low-down jazz walk.
The event, organised by Coventry's Herbert Art Gallery, will see a troop of Roman soldiers perform armoury displays, fighting and other activities in a realistic Roman encampment where visitors will be able to get the low-down on the Roman way of life.
As always, Craig Charles presents the action and Julie Reed gets the low-down and gossip from the roboteers in the pits.