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having a lower than normal ceiling

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Rather like the Tardis, Hydeout is much larger inside than out - a long, low-ceilinged room with functional no frills decor.
Yousef shows me around his low-ceilinged wooden hut draped in canvas printed with the blue logo of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).
Yet the inclusion of two later freestanding pieces--an amber trapezoid from the '80s and a newly fabricated pink and blue box conceived in 1992, installed in the low-ceilinged carpeted rooms on the third floor--felt like an afterthought.
The low-ceilinged, heavily beamed dwelling has a parlour, hall, workshop and bedchambers, which are furnished as they would have looked in the 1570s, when William and his siblings lived there with their father John, a glove-maker, and their mother, Mary.
PURNELL'S BISTRO - NEWHALL HOUSE What they said: Just around the corner from Glynn Purnell's eponymous restaurant is his bistro - a simply styled, low-ceilinged eatery fronted by a lively cocktail bar.
Caption: Ancient walkway: Stone Age footprints in the Niaux cave system in France were made by a girl who walked across a low-ceilinged area, African trackers concluded in an unusual project organized by archaeologists.
Parts of the house have high, slanted ceilings, as though you were in a hayloft, while other rooms reflect the low-ceilinged, light-deprived architecture of the period.
No matter, it still needs an alarm, they said, after poking around the cool, low-ceilinged cement-floored space.
We'd climb up through the wide stairwells and enter a low-ceilinged room that seemed ancient, dusty and utterly without light.
During Mass in a low-ceilinged recreation room painted in two-tone gray, the prisoners pray for their families, their health and freedom.
Located in the basement of the hip and happening Madler's Passage, the restaurant is a series of low-ceilinged rooms with wooden decor, floor and furniture.
The city also had to solve a logistical problem with collecting recyclables from multi-family residences; because of space constraints, many recycling bins were located in low-ceilinged, underground parking garages where collection trucks did not have good access.
The low-ceilinged exhibit space was filled with several rows of display cabinets, some of them harking back to the museum's first incarnation in a glorious 1908 neo-classical building, torn down in the 1980s when Cairo's Metro was under construction.
The entrance is via a modern thatched porch which leads to a somewhat dark and low-ceilinged interior with a large stone fireplace to the left and the bar straight ahead.