low-calorie diet

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a diet that is low on calories

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While following the low-calorie diet, the participant learns healthy eating behaviors, the benefits of daily activity and self-reliance through daily tips and articles, weekly assignments and daily nutrition and exercise reporting, as well as receives support from a professional coaching staff.
It confirms that an extreme low-calorie diet - which has long been known to slow the ageing process in mice and rats - delays the appearance of age- related changes in the hearts of these animals.
She said the recommendation to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables daily is for people who consume only small quantities of food on low-calorie diets.
The research reveals how a low-calorie diet works on a genetic level to slow the ageing process down.
Whether you're on a low-carb, low-fat or low-calorie diet plan, you'll find the greatest success with foods that keep you feeling full for longer periods of time," adds Applegate.
The researchers enrolled 288 people who had lost 8 percent of their weight on a strict low-calorie diet coupled with regular exercise.
Researchers from the State University of Rio de Janeiro studying the impact of fruit intake on weight loss report that overweight women who ate just 300 grams of apples or pears -- that's the equivalent of three small fruits a day -- lost more weight on a low-calorie diet than women who didn't add fruit to their diet.
Washington, March 21 ( ANI ): In a surprising result, researchers have found that a low-calorie diet increases mortality rate in bowel disease models.
People whose metabolism (calorie burning) slowed the least on their fast day lost the most weight on the low-calorie diet.
All women were advised to follow a low-calorie diet (30% less than total energy expenditure).
A very low-calorie diet that involves eating 1,000 calories a day or less shouldn't be followed for more than 12 weeks.
Participants were instructed to consume a low-calorie diet and received alpha lipoic acid and inositol, or a placebo for six months.
The various studies examined the effects of drugs, meal replacements, high protein diets, dietary supplements and exercise on rebound weight gain after an intensive weight loss, low-calorie diet (less the 1,000 calories a day).
The Newcastle University study found the low-calorie diet reduced fat levels in the pancreas and liver, which helped insulin production return to normal.
A study found that rhesus monkeys live no longer than normal on a very low-calorie diet.