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Synonyms for low-cal

having relatively few calories

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in m Se swee ratatou DAY 6 Breakfast Poached Eggs with Mushrooms on Toast - Poach two eggs and saute mushrooms on a non-stick frying pan with low-cal Spray Oil.
I'm not somebody who thinks carbs are the enemy, but for people following a low-cal diet who are missing the chunky chew of pasta, Slendier is worth a try.
SIP: Drink 16 ounces of low-cal cranberry juice a day to help get blood pressure under control.
Low-Cal Vegan Comfort Food (ISBN 978-1-61519-042-3) is o 272-page book.
Chef Giovannino Fittipaldi makes his own gelato, but we can vouch for how low-cal that is.
While she stuck to low-cal vodka and soda, Mel B couldn't let the night go and refused to take off her cat-suit.
The Shop-A-Holic in Gotham package includes a one night stay for USD479 inclusive of breakfast for two, one three-hour shopping excursion, a list of sample sales for post-tour shopping, and a serving of low-cal fusion vodkas by Voli Light Vodkas.
To deal with cravings, munch on low-cal nonstarchy vegetables, have a calorie-free beverage like naturally flavored seltzer or a cup of tea (such as a dark chocolate coconut tea).
Anheuser-Busch executives say promising results in early markets have prompted the brewer to widen its test markets for Select 55, its low-cal answer to MGD 64.
Hennig Olsen has successfully introduced Living lite, a low-cal icecream, onto the Norwegian market this year.
Also in 2004, it produced what it claimed was the first low-carb and low-cal cider, Stowford LC.
CHOCOHOLICS It's the news every choccie lover has been waiting for - low-cal chocolate bars.
Low-cal soft drinks gaining market share on regular soda: Although the $64 billion soft drink industry still is dominated by regular soda, sales of diet are surging and some industry analysts say lowcal eventually could take the lead.
Purdue studies on rats and low-cal sweeteners rehashed old ideas that have been discredited in scientific literature.