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Synonyms for low-cal

having relatively few calories

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In your article "Dog Dieting: Low-cal canines enjoy longer life" (SN: 5/11/02, p.
In our quest to have our cake--and eat it, too--we've turned to low-cal artificial sweeteners, like aspartame (i.
You could have a healthy, low-calorie meal like a grilled chicken salad with low-cal dressing or (lightly) stir-flied vegetables or low-fat cottage cheese and fresh fruit for lunch.
Both low-cal diets adn diuretics cause the kidneys to dump larger-than-normal amounts of sodium and potassium into the urine.
your favorite low-cal dressing, sodium-free dressing or low-cal butter substitute.
According to our findings, calorific beverages such as regular carbonated beverages and whole milk are perceived to be less healthy than the low-cal alternatives, reinforcing the importance of obesity issue in choosing a beverage.
You can also check their menus to find low-cal or low-fat foods.
ABI JACKSON chows down a low-cal alternative to pasta WHAT A IS IT?
Place on a large baking try and spray with low-cal oil.
Considering that few chain restaurants are known for their figure-friendly fare, it's intriguing that low-cal foods and beverages have been the growth engine for the restaurants that offer them, at least among the eateries studied.
Tuesday: Swap a high-cal snack for a low-cal snack.
Some stars choose Sunfare personalized gourmet meals - low-cal, vegetarian, high-protein and family meals, packaged in microwaveable plastic containers - to simply save time.
By now you've probably heard about White Lie, the new low-cal wine from Beringer Blass.
Moreover, old mice placed on the low-cal plan for just 4 weeks had a pattern of genetic activity similar to that of rodents on the diet for much longer periods.
The Real Soup Company varieties are: Leek and Potato, Low-Cal Vegetable and Tomato, Sun-Dried Tomato and Sweet Peppers, Tomato and Basil, and Mushroom with a hint of Garlic.