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made on or suited to a limited budget

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Meanwhile Punjabi films Jagga, Shammu Tangay Wali, Mera Challenge were all low-budget films and met the same fate.
Film director and producer Kenworthy graphically introduces low-budget filmmakers to handheld camera techniques used in big budget movies but applicable to almost any production (and includes discussion of lens choice throughout).
Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), a Germany-based automaker, is planning to produce a low-budget car for emerging markets such as China, Brazil and India, Manager Magazin has reported, citing company sources.
We're facing a new golden age for B movies," says fest director Angel Sala of the "enormous increase in low-budget product" that characterized this year's fest.
And to allow you communication smoothly, this low-budget device offers a number of services i.
Taking your employees to a bed and breakfast or a cabin getaway are two low-budget retreat options.
Mr Brown, said this could be the reason why the UK, which has a reputation for creativity, was not realising its potential in the low-budget film market.
From script to screen, all angles of a low-budget digital feature production are surveyed for students of drama in DIGITAL FILMMAKING 101, which offers tips for both feature-length and short digital productions.
It's been awhile since a production has worn its low-budget abilities with quite so much pride as the Blue Panthers Inc.
Chapters discuss how to get into the low-budget film business, how to apply and adhere to a schedule, methods of calculating and keeping track of the budget.
Filmmaker Daniel Peddle's scrappy and astute group portrait of a half dozen New York City butches of color is a low-budget, five-year overview of their lives and loves that takes in the underground "ball" scene (a la Paris Is Burning) and explores the phenomenon of the "aggressive" identity.
Effie can write her own ticket," says Nadler, who is particularly impressed by Brown's determination to stick with low-budget movies despite her ability to manage a "big career" as a big-budget film producer.
Presented in the gallery's side room and looping with an obvious jerk every three minutes, the apparently low-budget production leaves one wishing that the seam between the segments were less visible and the footage itself were long enough to seem repetitive but not repeated.
Impressive and delightfully thoughtful low-budget thriller that has been a festival hit and is well worth a look as it delves into the ramifications of time travel.