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made on or suited to a limited budget

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Vice President, Dominic Friesen adds, "Both Poorman and Mauricio have the potential to take the projects a long way, we're going to make America's Low-Budget Superstar a show that everyone will be talking about.
Mr Brown, said this could be the reason why the UK, which has a reputation for creativity, was not realising its potential in the low-budget film market.
Taking your employees to a bed and breakfast or a cabin getaway are two low-budget retreat options.
Well, Nokia X2 is a low-budget mobile phone full of good quality multimedia and other easy to use features.
Auto Business News-June 23, 2011--Volkswagen AG to develop low-budget cars(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Film director and producer Kenworthy graphically introduces low-budget filmmakers to handheld camera techniques used in big budget movies but applicable to almost any production (and includes discussion of lens choice throughout).
It's a low-budget effort, but one with tremendous results.
Founded in the late 1970s by Paul Stephens and Eric Jordan, The Film Works began by producing low-budget TV documentaries.
Forget the independent low-budget gay film or even the mid-budget film with a gay subplot.
The center works directly with 14 community organizations to provide pro bono legal counsel to segments of the Allegheny County population who need legal services including orphaned children, recent immigrants, and new and low-budget charitable organizations.
Frey's low-budget film (and with a shoestring cost of $200,000, I do mean low-budget) takes on the abuses that illegal Mexican immigrants sometimes suffer in their pursuit of a better life in America.
Mike Clattenburg's wild, low-budget comedy, Trailer Park Boys, was shown out of competition, as he served on the festival jury.
Directed by Julia Dyer, written by her sister, Gretchen, and edited by the two--a third sibling, Stephen Dyer, is one of the producers--the low-budget, independently made Late Bloomers was cast and shot entirely in Dallas.
She has starred in five low-budget, independent films which have grossed over $70 million worldwide.
Directed by an English commercial maker, Zack Snyder, who employs all the tricks of the modern TV trade, this will be considered by some a travesty of Romero's well-regarded sequel to his low-budget masterpiece ``Night of the Living Dead.