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Synonyms for low-altitude

occurring at a relatively low altitude


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During the low-altitude flight, Aquila remained in the air for 96 minutes - more than triple the minimum planned mission length - and we gathered valuable data to help us improve our designs,' Facebook said.
The Ghadir radar system which covers areas (maximum) 1,100km in distance and 300km in altitude has been designed and built to identify aerial targets, radar-evading aircrafts, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles as well as low-altitude satellites.
you would need to buy a separate chart to view the area detail referenced on low-altitude enroute charts near major metropolitan areas.
Air traffic authorities opened part of the country's strictly controlled low-altitude airspace to private aircraft last October, with more pilot cities to be announced this year.
Planning your attack on low-altitude objects can easily double the amount of sky you can effectively image from your location.
Low-altitude ozone--as opposed to the planet-protecting layer of the gas in the stratosphere--forms when the sun's ultraviolet radiation stimulates reactions between gases such as nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and methane.
Citing the threat posed by widely proliferated manportable air-defense systems (MANPADS), Congressman Jim Gibbons [R-NV], in a July 3 issue brief, called upon the Department of Defense (DoD) to fund the test and development efforts needed to improve aircraft self-protection capabilities, especially in the low-altitude battlespace, by equipping aircraft with special-material decoys (SMDs).
The projecting cube on the seventh floor--part of the director's office-opens up some of the city's most exceptional low-altitude views.
Low-altitude routes are not as congested as high-altitude ones, so aircraft can travel faster.
military increased the frequency of low-altitude flight drills conducted from a base in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture in fiscal 1999 for the first year-on-year increase since the group began monitoring the flights in fiscal 1995.
dollars) to establish a low-altitude antimissile defense system, local press reports said Thursday.
Steve Fossett will launch another low-altitude flight from Morocco this winter.
The Company intends to announce the completion of each test stage, and following the completion of the low-altitude tethered flights, free-flight tests at the Air Force Test Range at Edwards Air Force Base will ensue.
Now that we have secured authorization for beyond-line-of-sight flights, it is vital that federal agencies are able to keep up with the innovations of industry and our state stays on the cutting-edge of UAS applications, including low-altitude beyond-line-of-sight flights and counter UAS operations.
1] kg) and time to exhaustion (min) in elite athletes, using a combined low-altitude training and simulated altitude exposure protocol (combining 21 days at 1380 m with 9 hours per night of 3000-m simulated altitude), compared with a matched period of low altitude training at 1380 m, and with a control group.
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