low tide

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the lowest (farthest) ebb of the tide


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The Isles of Scilly have very low tides in May and June, creating a long sand bar in the channel between islands Tresco and Bryher.
The study confirms that fragrances are released continuously into the canals of Venice, both during high and low tide and in the historic centre and the lagoon,' said Marco Vecchiato, post-doctoral student at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice in Italy.
Friedman's Two-Way ANOVA by Ranks proofs the significant difference occurred in shorebird's distribution between ebbing, low tide peak, and rising tides (S = 17.
Despite its accessibility, visiting the sandbar requires timing, as visitors need to wait for the low tide.
At low tide a sandspit creates two beaches, allowing swimming both sides, although the surf and swell can be strong at times.
The round Breakfast Table features a fancy face oak top with an octagonal pedestal base and stylized pear feet and is available in Low Tide and Blossom with a Driftwood top.
This study addresses the question: how does low tide temperature affect an ectotherm's susceptibility to predation?
When it is low tide - one gets a better glimpse of the Ooid shoals as they are more exposed.
The second is a low tide, where the level of seawater is low on the shoreline and higher in the sea.
I use what I learned from that trip on a regular basis these days, often heading straight for the potholes, deeper cuts and channels in the flats any time I see an extreme low tide coming.
rspbconwy Lots of waders on the lagoon mud, even tho it''''s low tide.
NIGHT I'd make it to the Isles of Scilly, taking a romantic walk on the uninhabited island of Gugh if it was low tide.
Table 1: Variation of PLS collected in PL trawler at high tide and low tide levels (2005, 2002 and 2000).
He warned this year is especially dangerous as there will be a low tide.
The operation to remove the marine gas oil was undertaken twice at low tide, in the early morning and again in the early evening.