low tide

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the lowest (farthest) ebb of the tide


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Only once a month does a low tide at dawn coincide with a bright moon, Schaefer notes.
OFTEN flooded by high waters, Venice is facing an exceptionally low tide, causing canals to dry up and water buses to be rerouted.
During both high and low tides, visitors must be even more careful than usual.
The mainland can be reached on foot at low tide or by sea tractor when the tide is in.
elegantissima patches in the wild, says Grosberg, because at low tide these anemones sit with their tentacles pulled in, and when the water rises and the animals become active, waves block the view.
White pelicans rested on a grassy island that appears only at low tide.
During low tide, birds spread out and eat here in the spring.
At low tide, visitors can walk out from the sandy beach to observe sea life and coral reefs.
IF you took a stroll along the beach recently or looked over the sea wall at low tide you would notice something different - the rocks are disappearing under the sand.
Right now the elevation of the water is one to two feet at low tide.
The plane went down Monday morning, coming to rest with its nose buried in the low tide just off the coast near a major high school.
I have heard that at low tide it's only a few feet deep.
Each year when the water and air temperatures drop to critical levels on a low tide, small boats filled with castnetters come to throw their nets around all the docks.
SEA VIEW: Today's photo is of Seaton Sluice beach at low tide, sent in by Stan Armour
CAUSEWAY CROSSING The recent fine weather encouraged visitors to take advantage of the low tide to access St Mary's Island and its lighthouse, close by the town of Whitley Bay, under the watchful lens of reader Nelson Allan from Wideopen.