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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has developed two new advanced elastomers engineered to withstand extremely low temperatures while meeting rigorous international standards for elastomeric material in oil and gas production.
The company added that the Genesis Low Temperature Rigid Sterilization Container System is validated for newer low-temperature sterilization processes and systems from market-leading sterilizer manufacturers, including the V-PRO Low Temperature Sterilization Systems and STERRAD Systems.
Keywords: Low temperature stress; Wheat; Photosynthetic performance; Leaf anatomical structure
In many cases, the low temperature eliminates the need for a hardening tunnel, a typical production bottleneck, before the finished ice cream products are put into cold storage.
BTA-751 gives maximum toughness at ambient or low temperature in general-purpose opaque vinyl and also for clear containers when using Paraloid HT-100 for heat resistance.
The temperatures of the drive elements can also be reduced with the help of low temperature bearings.
The breakthrough display was achieved by development of technology for forming a light-emitting polymer film on a low temperature polysilicon thin film transistor (TFT) array.
In order to achieve this, a new low temperature gas freezing process is employed to pack the salmon at temperatures as low as -90[degrees]C.
Sodium silicate is often a sinter agent that is used to give refractories some low temperature or intermediate temperature strength.
With a 30 year history of innovation in the healthcare industry, Momentive Performance Materials will be featuring new SnapSil* RTV230A/B adhesive, a two component, room temperature cure silicone adhesive; new Tufel* III elastomer, a two-component, platinum-cure silicone; and new SilCool* LTR3295 fast cure, low temperature addition cure.
The range includes material grades that are said to provide the ultimate in chemical resistance and low temperature performance for use in arctic conditions.
M2 PHARMA-March 9, 2016-Reflect Scientific ships low temperature freezers at start of the year
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 9, 2016-Reflect Scientific ships low temperature freezers at start of the year
Plasticizers for use in vinyl formulations include phthalates for good compatibility, low temperature flexibility, low volatility, heat and light stability; epoxidized oils for heat and light stability, low volatility and permanence; trimellitates for low volatility and preparation of high temperature electrical compounds; adipates for low temperature flexibility; citrates for minimal residual taste or odor with good resistance to water extraction; and polymerics for low volatility and resistance to extraction and for compounds that must resist oil or solvent extraction.
The need for a large solid-angle gammaray detector that can operate in a strong magnetic field and at low temperature has led us to consider scintillating crystals in conjunction with avalanche photodiodes.
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