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not involving high technology

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In this case, female workers within the high technology sector, where there is more of a demand for education, are likely to have an advantage in terms of the returns to labor when compared to female workers in low technology industries.
There is a need to develop qualifications in the creation of medium and high technology based chemicals for export, along with the present industrial structure based on low technology resource based products.
These enterprises produce food, clothing, wood materials and furniture mainly based on low technology, the report said.
The machines efficiency and quantitative output is unknown in these villages partly due combination of poverty, low technology and government negligence to invest here over the last decades.
Pangea is divided amongst enclaves of low technology refugees a high-technology citadel ruled by an evil overlord and the native Pynxians who have been driven underground by the ancestors of current inhabitants.
However, despite ranking second in Africa in technological readiness, Tunisia still suffers from low technology penetration rates, according the report.
The recommended levels for the NHS is 80%-85% "To avoid the winter beds pressure, which actually take place all year round but get worse at this time of year, you need more nursing home or residential care home beds or low technology hospital beds - such as the old style cottage hospitals where patients can convalesce without the need of all the expertise provided by an acute hospital and the high cost of occupying a bed that is needed for a real emergency.
In this day and age, broadband is not a luxury, but a necessity for most businesses, even those such as farming, which some people would incorrectly see as low technology.
Due to the variability in effectiveness of the above methods, however, it is practical to consider using other high and low technology devices in the gym.
If anyone bothered to ask them it might turn out that they want Eldon-ian-style housing and low technology workshops and storage areas where computers have no place.
She wanted to express her feelings and complete school work so low technology tools were designed and fabricated for Teria including a notebook (with a carrying handle) painted with magnetic paint and glued on magnetic strips to be used with magnetic letters, numbers, words and pictures for expressing feelings, creating sentences, and answering questions.
RECENTLY I developed a low technology monitor for measuring what I call the A/G factor (Anxiety/Guilt).
Only lack of capital and low technology and business management capabilities are bigger hindrances for Chinese software vendors, according to a wide-ranging study of piracy in the country.
More and more, rural hospitals are identifying where they can be successful in treating low technology, high touch cases with nursing staff that excel at patient-centered care.
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