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a sculptural relief in which forms extend only slightly from the background

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In areas of low relief, minor variations in height have little meaning in terms of upper and lower slopes, so a mask layer was created by using the Landform Classification (slope class 3 or above) to specify where there was sufficient relief for the TPI to be reliable.
The bronze, which features passages in such low relief that they appear to be drawn rather than sculpted, is on loan from the Bargello and makes its first appearance outside Italy.
The creation of tiles used different application techniques, such as surface relief, high relief, and low relief, as well as glaze colours, stain decorations, acrylic applications or transparent glaze applications to provide the finished project.
Low silisiclastic contents in Ngataturi claystone (Whangai Formation facies) indicate a distant or low relief source but the presence of glauconitic suggests intermittent influxes of coarser silisiclastic material, possibly by turbidity current.
One of them can be seen in the Museum of Worcester Porcelain, marked in low relief with the Latin slogan "Wigornia" for Worcester.
These objects are sculpture, low relief and painting concurrently, entities original, magnificent and genre defying.
The works range from sculptures constructed from hundreds of steel pins protruding directly from the wall, to low relief wall sculptures made from recycled silver to marble floor sculptures and one work on paper.
The archaeologists have uncovered several pieces of glazed and unglazed earthenware decorated with low relief designs as well as stucco carved in geometric, natural, human, animal and mythological motifs.
ARTIST TOM MURPHY ON THE INSPIRATION FOR HIS WORK THE monument is circular with a raised design in low relief.
Removal, however, could never solve the basic growing inequity; too many propertied Londoners inhabited parishes with low relief demands, effectively immune from shouldering London's booming poor relief burden.
More than two feet of water collects in low relief areas forming ponds, as there are no proper water drainage sewerage systems.
Low relief, hard bottom areas like what you'll see working southwest of the Egmont Ship's Channel off Manatee county in depths ranging from 80 to 100 feet are a good bet to get bit.
In repouss work, a design is raised in low relief by hammering the silver from the reverse side, while chasing involves the opposite: cutting or grooving the designs directly into the front surface of the metal.
This is because Tibet is arid with low relief and little erosion so rocks are not readily exhumed.
Since low reliefs are usually made on tiles, a method is used to cut out the low relief from the tile or slab and to convert it to an upstanding relief sculpture.
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