low gear

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the lowest forward gear ratio in the gear box of a motor vehicle

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I looked left and right and there was no car whatsoever so I set off in low gear.
SESSION 1 - Indoors / Turbo Trainer - 20 min warm up -- Steady * Warm up -- 15 minutes in Zone 1 / Easy * Main set 3 x 2 minutes Zone 4 / Hard and above race pace in high gear (bigger resistance) on R120 4 minutes easy in a low gear (little resistance) 3 x 90 seconds Zone 4 / Hard R90 4 minutes easy in a low gear 3 x 60 seconds / R60 4 minutes easy in a low gear (little resistance) 3 x 30 seconds / R30 Warm down - 15 minutes in Zone 1 / Easy
Buses and lorries chugging along residential roads in low gears will absolutely not be of benefit to young children playing out in the streets.
Driving in low gear means making the machine work twice as hard.
When worked hard in low gear, those brass washers wear rapidly and, after a while, allow the cluster gear to move enough that it interferes with other gears in the transmission.
While riding a bicycle, few people know how to adjust the gears to get the most power out of their pedalling without becoming uncomfortable either through having to pedal too fast in a low gear on level roads or straining when going up hill or to maintain a high speed.
Automatic shifting between high and low travel speeds allows the machine to automatically shift into low gear when more power is needed.
And the low gear should have eliminated the need for banking of passenger trains on steep inclines.
When shifted into low gear, they are said to be similar to a two-speed bicycle, making it twice as easy to push when climbing hills and ramps or when rolling over uneven or rough terrain.
If driving through flood water, nearly one in four Midlands drivers would either reverse through in low gear, drive through quickly or stop frequently to check the brakes - as opposed to driving through the water slowly as is advised.
In low gear, the total gear ratio delivers full lifting capacity of 10,000 pounds with reasonable input torque (well within ASAE S485 guidelines).
As a result of this setup, low gear is when the belt is at the innermost radius of the driving pulley and the outermost surface of the driven pulley; high gear is when the belt is at the top of the driving pulley and the bottom of the driven pulley.
These roar in relentless shoals down main roads, and wander individually in low gear down pavements, apparently trying to winkle out the feeblest pedestrians, but somehow managing to miss after elaborate pantomime ballets that slalom round pavement hot food stalls.
Its ``fast-track'' air-conditioning process stuck in low gear, the Los Angeles school district will start seeking bids today from individual companies to cool 11 San Fernando Valley schools.
Arriving late from New York City for the triple bill after transportation vicissitudes, however, put my mood in low gear.