low comedy

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a comedy characterized by slapstick and burlesque

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Summary: The former US ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, recently described the Iraqi elections and their aftermath as "high drama and low comedy.
What you got was more than a naive period piece shot through with martial patriotism and lots of imperial red uniforms, although Leo, punctuated with broad and low comedy a la vaudeville, is not too remote from the traditions of Gilbert and Sullivan.
At the same time, as the other picture indicates, it was a brazen, wild and audience-participatory piece of physical theatre and low comedy.
The other main source of humor was the low comedy of Trinculo (Anthony O'Donnell) and Stephano (Thomas Sadoski).
The synthesis was best explained the director's note, in which Jeff Watkins explained that he never found in Doctor Faustus '"all the elements of a first-rate Elizabethan play," and that he has always seen the play as "thin" with "poorly crafted interludes of low comedy, additional characters and subplots that hardly seemed worthy of Marlowe's obvious genius.
Highbrow and lowbrow High-rise and low-rise High pitch and low pitch High pressure and low pressure High comedy and low comedy High class and low class High frequency and low frequency
LOW COMEDY Sign says it all PRAYTIME Woman has to kneel at tiny machine KNEELY THERE 6ft 5in Gerry struggles to get ticket from slot PRAYTIME Woman has to kneel at tiny machine
Both have moments of fine high and low comedy as well as a few touching, heartfelt scenes.
In both periods of war and peace Alex Gurney's humour was basic; it had no pretensions, it was not influenced by fashionable, ephemeral concepts, and above all, it was funny, because, like all classical humour, whether low comedy or sophisticated wit, it was observed from life.
The great thing about `The Simpsons,' '' he adds, ``is that you can go in a lot of different directions - low comedy, high comedy, romantic comedy, action - and have them all work in the same movie.
Aleman develops and refines techniques through which an author can dissociate himself in moral terms from burlas and low comedy, at the expense of relegating such entertaining material to 'an untheorizable limbo' (p.
Perhaps so, if we limit ourselves to football, low comedy, The Beatles and raggedy assumptions.
It helps to enjoy this historical time period, but those who love the comic crime novel genre and the high court and low comedy of the 1600s will be in heaven.
It could be that Taboo is Komunyakaa's way of creating his own Inferno as the first part of a new kind of Divine Comedy Thus, his use of tercets and the focus on episodes of violence, violation, low comedy and missed connections (the lovers are damned, their children damned, the poet's word cursed) demonstrate a hellish world, though a world that could lead to redemption can be glimpsed.