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brass with 30% (or less) zinc

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Composed by a Russian in 1944, it was hard not to detect the hand of history in this work, and it does have darker moments, such as the ominous tread of the low brass and woodwind in the Adagio.
The light weight of a twin-barrel shotgun designed to be fired with one hand combined with the extraordinary recoil of even low brass 12 gauge birdshot fired from such a compact package, was nearly enough to dislocate my elbow.
I play all of the low brass instruments, some better than others,'' Leys said with a grin.
However, with the advent of all-plastic shells, the brass head is largely decorative, but hunters and shooters insist it be there, and ammo companies cater to the tradition, still using high brass for heavy loads and low brass for lighter ones.
Take high and low brass, high and low base, for example.
Currently, Dickman serves as Associate Professor of jazz studies and low brass at the University of North Florida, where he also conducts the Jazz Ensemble and tuba/euphonium choir.
Founded in 1979 and celebrated the world over, tuba enthusiasts will gather for a concert of musical repertoire with an emphasis on the contribution of the low brass section and to recognize the logistics of playing a frequently maligned instrument.
Much of the "Sicario" score is conveyed in shades of gray and black, relying on low strings, low brass and percussion (including five drummers), but, Johannsson also notes, "is heavily processed .
It was a scintillating piece of eerie nachtmusik pierced by Fafner-like louring low brass, grounded by Graham Sibley's tuba.
A low brass and horn section melody seems to be ripped out of an imaginary television theme, with intricate arpeggiated passages for both soloist and ensemble.
Abel kept the low brass in check, never allowing them to swamp the proceedings.
The most significant change in the Saiga is the gas system,, which has settings to allow both low brass 2 3/4-inch shells and 3-inch magnums to be used with equal reliability.
The concert provided a showcase for new low brass compositions by local musician Richard Jones and Virginia.
0 GPA, is the captain of the varsity wrestling team, leader of the low brass section of the high school band (playing trombone, tuba and baritone horn), sings in his church choir and is a member of Interact, a school club promoting community service.
This idea of working with low percussion and low strings and low brass was intended to create a sound coming from below," Johannsson says.