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However, Chanez managed to survive the opener and the highlight of his Oscar-worthy performance came in the second round when the Mexican dramatically crawled around the canvas after a unintentional low blow from Conlan.
A forty page introduction warms us up before we step into the ring, only to come out fighting, draw first blood, aim no low blows, swing a king-hit, aim for a knockout blow with a Sunday punch.
Late in the sixth round, Bowe was again hurt by a low blow and again the fight was stopped to allow him to recover.
The Judah team claim that referee Vic Drakulich was not in a position to see the low blow, which he ruled a knockout, and insist Khan was guilty of other fouls.
Filled with low blows, rabbit punches and butts and elbows, the slug-fest was a major turn-off in the States and all but ended both of their drawn out careers - finally
Puerto Rican Cotto was docked a point for low blows in his successful defence against Zab Judah in 2007, but maintained the blows had been accidental.
The truly low blow came in the pages of Fact, which claimed to have asked some 12,000 psychiatrists whether Goldwater was "psychologically fit to serve as president of the United States.
He's a total bottle job, a quitter," blasted Moore, who was thrown out in the third round when the challenger refused to continue after being felled by a punch on the break after taking a low blow.
Other Sportingodds specials include 20-1 for Tyson to be shown on Sky biting Lewis, 6-4 for either fighter to have points deducted for a low blow and 10-1 for Tyson to swear during Sky's post-fight interview.
Also, Trainwreck isn't even from the South, so I doubt you scored a low blow on him with that brilliant scheme.
The fact that fag jokes aren't even considered racist--and racism is such a fabulous, all-encompassing crime of the mind, so much more powerful to average people than homophobia--is penalty enough, but now this low blow.
This is a low blow, but its sardonic intent underscores Kolko's deep dissatisfaction with a majority of the Politburo members who have governed Vietnam since 1975, leaders he portrays as "lackluster .
The scores were levelled in the third when Gonzalez was deducted a point by referee Mark Colo-oy for a particularly low blow.
But when Fallon caned the 40-1 shot home in the last stride it was a sair fecht and I don't mind admitting I was a TKO after that low blow.
Paypa was deducted a point in the sixth round for another low blow.