low blow

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THAT HURTS Crawford catches Khan with a low blow and the fight is finished
And Welborn, who also injured his hand in the early stages of the bout, insists the low blow was a 'bad one'.
Suggestions persist that Hunter took advantage of the low blow to rescue Khan from a fight in which he was struggling and taking heavy punishment, but the former world champion said: "He (Hunter) sent me a really long message.
Rather than address the low blow, Crawford claimed that Khan simply took the easy way out of the fight.
"Virgil did it," said Khan, who claimed he peed blood because of the low blow. "I was in the corner and Virgil asked me how I was feeling.
"Virgil did it," insisted Khan, who said he peed blood because of the low blow. "I was in the corner and Virgil asked me how I was A-feeling.
Those are literally low blows, and I'm not happy one bit.
However, Chanez managed to survive the opener and the highlight of his Oscar-worthy performance came in the second round when the Mexican dramatically crawled around the canvas after a unintentional low blow from Conlan.
Doyle, who rode the Godolphinowned Best Of Days to victory in the Royal Lodge Stakes, learned this week he would no longer by Saeed Bin Suroor's first-choice rider, a decision the jockey described as "a bit of a low blow".
The Cilla star called the accusation a "low blow", responding that she found it "offensive" because she was "sober" and had "stopped drinking".
It's been reported that Khaled was outraged with the director for such a low blow, but Rami totes denied the news.
Here is Jones at his historic best: "The expression 'a low blow' was first recorded in a non-boxing context in 1950.
Known for his scruffy look, Johnson replied: "I think that was a low blow. I was beginning to think I'd got through this more or less unscathed."
Mayor Ramiz Merko says that this is a low blow of the counselors, not against him but against the projects of the municipality.
London, Aug 24 (ANI): American boxer Zab Judah has launched a protest over his last month's defeat by Brit-Indian counterpart Amir Khan, insisting that a low blow cost him his International Boxing Federation (IBF) light-welterweight crown.