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Synonyms for lovingness

a loving feeling


a quality proceeding from feelings of affection or love

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The notion of lovingness could also be identified in the reports of the monitors who, as it appears in the following section, perceive themselves acting in the teaching role and sometimes have to put themselves in the place of the students, constituting a dance of roles that adds, of humanized and intersubjective way, learning to all.
The fact of putting oneself in the other's place, manifesting lovingness, attention, respect, demonstrating concern, permitting the dialogue, all of this should be addressed.
When you are loving, that lovingness joins the music of the spheres" (60-1).
By recasting the "foul" elements of nature as noteworthy aspects of the human experience, they confuse what Baldwin considers to be real virtues--"justice, charity, heroism, self-command, truthfulness, lovingness, beauty, genius"--with appetites that humans share "with every scoundrel and every animal" (702).
humility (the ability to respect the views of the other), lovingness (the ability to communicate a sense of care and connection), courage (the ability to be able to teach while facing your own fears), and tolerance (making space for the expression of difference, but not accepting discrimination).
In her "showings," Julian heard God say, "I am God, the power and goodness of fatherhood; I am God, the wisdom and lovingness of motherhood; I am God, the light and the grace which is all blessed love; I am God the Trinity; I am God the unity; I am God the great supreme goodness of every kind of thing; I am God who makes you to love; I am God, the endless fulfilling of all true desires."
At home, her sense of lovingness comes off as warped and a little overprotective.
That pursuit has had more of Emily Dickinson's skepticism than Walt Whitman's affirmation, more of her struggles with Puritanism, than what Galway Kinnell once called Whitman's "mystical all lovingness." And yet the urge toward Whitman's embrace of multitude and the discretion of Dickinson's straitened thought have combined to create through Wright's genius an instrument which is to the spiritual life in contemporary poetry what the sonnet was for John Donne and George Herbert.
the lovingness of the mother, you could tell she was doing everything she could to protect him and support him.
He thanked friends on Facebook for "their lovingness and sheer selflessness during this time".
Using the Socialization Goals Interview (SGI), adapted from Harwood (1992), mothers' answers were coded in five categories: Self-maximization, Self-control, Lovingness, Proper demeanor, and Decency, which reveal orientations towards both independency and interdependence.
Elias enjoyed his work and family and will be missed for his warmth and lovingness by all who knew him.
While Milic and Crowne (1986) report differences in terms of lovingness and rejection by parents of homosexual versus heterosexual men, others have found no difference in parenting styles experienced by heterosexual and homosexual men (Bell, Weinberg, & Hammersmith, 1981; Ross & Arrindell, 1988).
Clearly this idea resonated with her, for several days later, she referred again to it: Still I do fancy that Coleridge meant something more by "the woman" than you recognize in the gentleness & courtesy & lovingness of your sportsmen & country gentlemen.