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languishing because of love

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Lovesick opens with the Welsh premiere of A Number, (February 13 - March 3), visionary playwright Caryl Churchill's modern classic of science, family and loss.
To risk sending such letters in the ordinary post seems extraordinarily risky and reckless but perhaps the lovesick Asquith just couldn't help himself?
Com), the Lovesick Expo is an alternative wedding event that tours the country connecting unique vendors with those looking to find alternatives to the mainstream wedding options.
Trust me baby, I'm a creep and I'm lovesick with you," Koisser tells his adoring public.
The Lovesick Prince' depicts the fallen pride of the peacock and the lion's revenge which is the moral of ' The Lion and the Peacock' fable
Summary: Dhaka: A Bangladeshi court ruled that a lovesick macaw parrot be reunited with her male .
Here are the financial reports like a lovesick champignon.
A contest has been launched to give away 100 pairs of tickets for the intimate show, during which they will perform the song Lovesick which made them popular in the TV talent show.
Instruments weeping like lovesick butterflies in winter; A DJ playing misty music post-midnight For me and a myriad others; Big Barry White Caressing our ears like no other lover could, The silk thread of his voice sewing seductive sounds.
A lovesick lout who was given the bird by his girlfriend took out his frustration by booting a seagull to death in a busy street.
The Duchess of Cambridge, 29, also showed an early awareness of how a lovesick heir to the throne might feel in her school's production of Cinderella.
The Lovesick Skunk is a playful children's picturebook about a boy's encounter with a lovesick skunk.
YOU'LL need to get your spurs on and book fast - Pontin's has a three-night C&W festival at Pakefield near Lowestoft from September 24-27 with performances from the Jeff Gallant Band and the Lovesick Cowboys.
Summary: Lovesick model Abbey Clancy has been photographed without her engagement ring, fuelling rumours of a split with her fiance Peter Crouch.
The band's opening track Lovesick saw Ed throw some crazy shapes to the delight of the audience.