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Synonyms for loverlike

like or in the manner of a lover


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The dark forms of the man and woman glided slowly arm in arm along the walls with a loverlike and homeless aspect in the miserable night.
Loverlike to me, She with her happy gaze finds all that's best, She sees this fair and that unfretted still, And her own sunshine over all the rest: So she half keeps me as she'd have me be, And I forget to age, through her sweet will.
He resents his rival Lieutenant Eugene Real ("It was quite time that this confounded lieutenant went back to Toulon"), yet takes possession of Arlette's parents' old tartane, ambiguously suggesting both a loverlike jealousy and a desire to usurp the parental role (Rover 103).
Even in his attempts to "woo" the French princess, and under pretense of loverlike surrender, he continues to mak her precisely equivalent to the cities he has conquered: "For I love France so well that I will not part with a village of it; I will have it all mine: and Kate, when France is mine and I am yours, then yours is France and you are mine (5.