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Synonyms for lovelorn

Synonyms for lovelorn

unhappy in love

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Tanisha appeared displeased when Kushal told her that her image on Bigg Boss 7 was that of a lovelorn woman, who was rejected by Armaan.
toilworn, lovelorn, I hide in dye and heavy cotton.
Summary: Kathmandu: Nepalese animal rights groups pleaded for the life of a lovelorn elephant which has .
Pete and Sue are hoping to foster a sense of community by inviting the neighbours round for Christmas dinner, but putting traumatised ex-weatherman Ray, opinionated Norris, and lovelorn Jane round the same table sounds more likely to lead to feuding over the garden fences, especially as Ben is in charge of the party games.
Melbourne, Jan 12 (ANI): A new mobile phone application has been launched to help lovelorn singles track down attractive strangers.
Meanwhile, lovelorn Patty is desperate to find a new man - but is a suicide lifeline really the place to meet eligible guys with a long-term future?
The characters are larger than life (the lovelorn vicar, the not-so-merry widow etc), and the music includes arias and ensembles from operas varying from Beethoven's Fidelio and Mozart's Magic Flute to Benjamin Britten and Gilbert & Sullivan.
In the title story, a lovelorn boy waits earnestly in his hostel room for the arrival of his girlfriend, but is in for a shocker.
Lovelorn Minty cries on Hev's shoulder and they end up in bed together.
CORONATION STREET Picture this: it's balm to any gal's lovelorn heart - her lover popping the question in a pub back-yard; outside the smoking shelter.
Christian presents Hidden Intentions, the sequel to her novel "Chance Meeting" continuing the saga of the lovelorn protagonists, Damon and Sandy, a newly engaged African-American couple now expecting their first child.
Better Soil is indicative of the record's myriad charms, with piano and strings often to the fore on these eleven bittersweet track - the use of fuzzed-up guitars on some songs considerably beefs up their evocative mix of lovelorn folk, guitar pop and alt country.
The lovelorn teenager is introduced to the new gum by a professor and is later shown chatting up a new boyfriend.
Anyway, he aspires to doing a good job, and will go the extra mile to inspire his bungling underlings, too; he'll even attempt a hetero encounter with lovelorn Deputy Trudy (Kenney-Silver) if it'll help her deflated morale.
Lou is also feeling lovelorn as he tries to win the cash he needs for a flight to Russia.