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Synonyms for loved

regarded with much love and tenderness

Antonyms for loved

held dear

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Think of something that you love to do for itself, whether it succeeds or not, whether you are praised for it or not, whether you are loved and rewarded for it or not, whether people know about it and are grateful to you for it or not.
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Herein is love; not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as expiation for our sins" (1 John 4:10).
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I realized how much I loved it, and how hard it would be not to see the sunrise every morning, the snow, the sky, the trees, the rocks, the faces of people, all so different and it was during this period that all things began to flow together.
Survival benefits consist of all those encouragements, supports, and stimulations needed by the loved person to reach fulfillment.
They accepted also the pain that love could bring, sometimes noting their jealousy when a lover showed interest in others, even more commonly citing their grief when a loved one was absent.
As usual, in response to the clown, the renegade, the harlequin Hylas, Silvandre has made a patient and reasoned expose on the preeminence of the spiritual when his argument culminates in the question, "is it not impossible that he who loves only the body, be loved by it, inasmuch as love can be only in the soul?
I do feel that it is in me to love, humanly, as I have never loved him.
I had loved Janet Reed--I had seen her in the early days of the Loring company.
We should be artful when it comes to loving, and circumspect when it comes to recognizing that we are loved.
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