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Synonyms for lovable

Synonyms for lovable

easy to love

Synonyms for lovable

having characteristics that attract love or affection



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Frequency: Once again an action thriller that has a lot to offer women, notably the loveably roguish Dennis Quaid and the easy on the eye Jim Caviezel.
Bialik, who plays the loveably geeky neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler on the hit TV comedy "The Big Bang Theory," will deliver the keynote remarks and present the much-anticipated U.
All that dancing gives the panto an enjoyably brisk pace but amidst everything Sam Thackray still manages to own the stage as the lewd yet loveably outrageous Sarah the Cook.
We liked Todd and John because they were loveably rubbish.
Downstairs there is the feel of an intimate old-fashioned boozer like its predecessor, a freehouse complete with Bombardier and Directors as the two mainstay real ales supplemented by the loveably rich Theakstons Dark Mild.
He steals almost all the laughs as he gamely throws his ridiculous slicked-up haircut into a goofy dance while listening to his MP3 player and attempts to conceal his identity by adopting a ridiculous raspy voice; he's just loveably funny.
In the first of a double bill, the loveably useless actor is thrilled to be moving into his new apartment.
He was hilariously stupid in Anchorman, loveably geeky in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and sarcastically brilliant in Little Miss Sunshine.
The loveably coy Bittersweet Bundle Of Misery took Coxon's fragile vocals to new levels and although his interaction with the crowd was limited to the first few rows, you could tell the catharsis of touring is a really healthy alternative to rehab.
Their change from loveably shambolic good-time band to airbrushed mainstream act in the late 70s may have alienated some fans but it was, as Dennis points out, essential for their survival.
March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Comedian Lance Krall is back as Morning radio's most loveably moronic DJ in the second season of VH1's improvised comedy, "Free Radio.
The loveably inept gang's simple, chaotic lack of preparation and unswerving, patriotism would have struggled to disrupt a Boy Scout camp, let alone the invading Hun.
The band return to find a new Britpop vanguard has been installed and subsequently taken their position as the loveably cheeky tunesmiths.
Starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb, who met like many comedians and actors before them at Cambridge Footlights, Peep Show is shot from the viewpoint of the core characters - the loveably pathetic Mark and Jez.
Depp is marvellous in the leading role, making Wood into a loveably naive freak who presses on regardless of rejection.