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Synonyms for loveable

having characteristics that attract love or affection


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BGT stars Loveable Rogues bumped into the animal obsessive, 28, on their way to the dog track a few weeks ago.
After a few bevvys, there's every chance they were all ever so slightly less Loveable.
Britain's Got Talent finalists Loveable Rogues have been revealing all about their man crushes and their celebrity mates One Direction.
The Loveable Rogues are described as "three charming boys from three different backgrounds of both music and culture fusing together".
CAN you give a fresh start to a loveable timid collie cross?
Deluded but loveable Florence employs Cosme McMoon (Steven Wallace) as her bemused new session pianist.
Father Grant Maddock, parish priest at Wavertree's Christ the King church and governor of the St Francis Xavier school which Luke attended, described him as "a loveable lad, full of beans, full of life".
He was very loveable and always told us he loved us and was always wanting kisses.
Decoy Menagerie Part 2 is the second anthology of comic stories by a wide variety of artists and storytellers, featuring the loveable, kindhearted alien Decoy (originally created by comic-book talent Courtney Huddleston), refugee from the violent planet of Nacrum.
He is a loveable character, quite bright for his age and always rational.
Expect no weighty treatise here: Why Goldens Do That is a light celebration pairing lovely color photos with its insights on the breed and its loveable peculiarities.
FORMER Sports Minister Tony Banks was described as 'a loveable rogue' at his funeral yesterday.
Very nicely illustrated by Tom Lowes, Teddy's TV Troubles will help parents and care givers to help children acknowledge their fear while knowing they are not alone; show a loveable teddy bear character work through his TV inspired fears with the help of a caring adult; engage in a series of age-appropriate activities (including drawing pictures, creative play, and reassuring bedtime rituals) that will help children overcome their fears.
You know, big loveable eyes, he's soft, he's strong and - at more than six foot - he's very, very long.
Ever notice how companies use loveable or comforting characters to push their outrageous foods?