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keepsake given as a token of love

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Anticipation of the latter incident has tended to overshadow the significance of the ring which may fleetingly be described by critics as a common medieval love-token, whose appearance in the poem is solely to show Gawain's lack of material covetousness when he later retains the girdle.(2) Of course, this is all true.
Though a knowledge of the romances suggests that we should view the lady's ring not only as a costly love-token but also as a protective talisman, neither Gawain nor the lady are made to act according to the romance conventions: she does not list any properties of the ring, and he does not accept it.
First she asks for his glove, whose inappropriateness as an obvious love-token Gawain is quick to point out: 'Hit is not your honour to haf at bis tyme | A glove for a garysoun of Gawaynez giftez' (lines 1806-7).