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young leaves widely used as leaf vegetables

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Through his penetrating meditations on the art of others in "Counterpoint," DeLillo provides his clearest articulation of the performative aesthetic that animates his late work, an approach he had already begun developing in the earlier novella The Body Artist, and a method he subsequently returned to in variant form in the play Love-Lies-Bleeding.
Understanding the common name of love-lies-bleeding requires a longer stretch of the imagination.
Sorrentino's "Poet" also tries "to get the Love-lies-bleeding," though he takes the colloquial name for the summer amaranth literally, referring not to the dripping cardinal flower but to the marital meltdown unfolding in his house.
But for all its talking around, Love-Lies-Bleeding is a philosophical romance rooted in the tactile, textured and landscaped from shoe trees, shopping carts, and painted caves to larkspur, mariposa, and Apache plume.
Fourth row: Deep red love-lies-bleeding (left) and cherry pink cleome (right) flank cosmos in pink and rose shades.
fir locus, oak, squash, carrots, peppers, lima and pole beans, lettuce, collards, swiss chard, eggplant, cucumbers, watermelons, onion, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, turnips, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, black beauty squash, celery, beets, honey dew, dill, oregano, coriander, fennel, basil, sage, spearmint, lavender, thyme, bachelor's buttons, zinnia, silver dollar plants, snap dragon, love-lies-bleeding, coleus
If you are also plagued by flea beetles and striped cucumber beetles, plant a couple of rows of love-lies-bleeding, a grain amaranth, or one of the amaranths used for greens.
And he is putting in flowers such as forget-me-not and love-lies-bleeding, grown from seed at his country home.
Love-lies-bleeding produces an unusual fountain of blooms in shades ranging from deep red to biscuit gold.
Use a focal or dot plant, such as love-lies-bleeding or a standard fuchsia to create interest in the centre of the bed.
A ADRIENNE SAYS: Yes, if the border is sunny and you sow quick-growing hardy annuals such as calendulas, sunflowers and love-lies-bleeding.
SOW annual rudbeckias, nicotianas, love-lies-bleeding and ten-week stocks in pots to have a supply of late-flowering plants to fill gaps in flowerbeds.
SOW a few pots of nicotianas, love-lies-bleeding and nasturtiums to fill gaps in late summer.