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small tree of the eastern Mediterranean having abundant purplish-red flowers growing on old wood directly from stems and appearing before the leaves: widely cultivated in mild regions

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An Eastern Hemlock tree is also called love tree, as it is best known for its longevity with a lifespan of 800 years.
As your love tree grows and matures, so will your relationship" schmoozes the company, which has a store in Rugby.
It is the love tree, dedicated to Venus, the Goddess of Love.
Wang says that he advocates the full use of renewable forest resources, bu this does not mean he does not love trees.
I love trees, wanted to plant so many trees around Barrio Kapitolyo and Lipa, I even spoke with Senator Ralph Recto to promote planting pine trees in Lipa, Batangas so we can feel and smell like Baguio City.
Patricia Serra, one of the brides, said: "This event is to make people aware of the need to love trees and this is a commitment that is going to be for the rest of your life, it is the same as a common wedding, making a promise.
After spending a blissful break ensconced up a chestnut tree, I've turned over a new leaf and I can truly say, hand on heart, I love trees now.
I love trees but the sycamores are simply too big and dwarf the poplars planted by my father in the garden.
I know you're all here because you love trees so mulch," the mayor punned to the audience of volunteers.
The Websters love trees, and Judge Webster is very proud of his hometown of Webster Groves, Mo.
I can't stress enough that I love trees, but we're going to have the right trees here.
It is a welcome show of concern, a show of readiness to make adjustments, to listen to the people, including those who love trees and the rest of mother nature.
We love trees and have the room, so we planted a selection of fruit trees to accompany the existing ones.
The American Chestnut Foundation is particularly looking for volunteers who love trees and are willing to plant what might not make it.