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a marriage for love's sake

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They are super little dogs who would make the perfect pets in the right homes and we don't think it'll be too long before they find their love match.
Europeans have always liked Woody Allen, but this time it seems like a real love match with "Match Point.
Critics of the love match argued--prematurely, as it turns out, but correctly--that the values of free choice and egalitarianism could easily spin out of control," writes Coontz.
BRAD AND JENNIFER The A-list Hollywood love match to beat all A-list Hollywood love matches is over, as Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston announced their marriage was over.
TV beauty Lisa Rogers has blamed a 10-year age gap for ruining her Little love match.
Willie Carson doubles up at Warwick on Love Match (Peter Walwyn) in the nursery and Track Specialist (Gavin Hunter) in the juvenile maiden.
THIS real love match is an exciting milestone for the modern Royal Family.
For both types of events, only single people who algorithmically seem like they will be a good love match (based on factors each person lists on their web profile - such as age and occupation) will be invited - in an attempt to help people find dates in a more focused environment.
The date for older brother Caleb's love match was specially chosen so that Knightley - who is starring in London's West End - could get the day off to be a bridesmaid.
SOCCER legend Gary Lineker has found his love match with sexy model Danielle Bux.
But now love is in the air at the Exchange Street East agency, which wants to find a love match between candidates and their new employers, so jobseekers not only get a new position they love, but bosses get staff who love to work for them.
Wimbledon (12A) Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany in love match as tennis gets the Four Weddings treatment.
MATCH POINTS: Kirsten Dunst (now beau-less) and Paul Bettany staged a love match posing for pics on the green carpet at the premiere of ``Wimbledon'' Tuesday night in Beverly Hills.
A LOVE match that began in Chepstow's parade ring has a sequel in a Dorset church on Saturday week when Lambourn trainer Charlie Mann weds professional cook and amateur jockey Susannah Barraclough, writes Rodney Masters.
1, Bill Gates and Martha Stewart--in a love match more terrifying to contemplate than Jane Fonda and Ted Turner, Andrew Sullivan and RuPaul, or Joyce Carol Oates and Stephen King--will meet in a Mensa Mensch chat room he designed, but she decorated.