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the lyric of a love song

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Clare, however, seems capable of 'impersonal subjectivity' in 'Bean Blossoms', another love lyric after Burns.
The impulse in traditional love lyric is to list and celebrate the specific attributes of the beloved.
It may have the force of double entendre, of what Fein calls "piety interfaced with profanity" that characterizes many of the love lyrics of the manuscript and, in particular, those in immediate proximity to this one.
Anyone with even a passing knowledge of medieval and Renaissance love lyric knows that the eyes are crucial.
Cullingford gives a fine critical survey of the conventional love lyric, in which women, who are 'objects not individuals' (p.
Larry Neal's hipster love lyric "Poppa Stoppa Speaks From His Grave" exemplifies the other pole of controversy.
Like the "Phantasia," it seeks to place the individual lyric poet in a wider human context, but here this means opening the intimate space of the love lyric to social and literary contexts, contexts that challenge rather than support the poet's desire for woman-to-woman bonding.
It includes lyric poetry from the Middle Ages, Petrarchan love lyric, and Athenian drama, and it opens with a group of texts on creation and the cosmos and adds clusters of texts on travel writing in antiquity and Humanism.
Cosmos and image in the Renaissance; French love lyric and natural-philosophical poetry.
In regard to the issue of the love lyric, particularly the popular forms of the love-lyric, Menocal suggests an oral-based model not far removed from the way in which the modern popular love lyric (witness the Beatles and Jacques Brel) moves across boundaries and cultures with an ease and suppleness that would confound anyone seeking a paper trail.
Then, because he didn't actually die, Spenser 'rescans his famous flight' by publishing the Prothalamion, a poem which overcomes 'his escape into otium by assimilating pastoral and love lyric to epic, the personal to the public' (244-5).
Well into his analysis of this song (one that might seem burdened by too much attention, for it is, after all, a fairly unremarkable adolescent love lyric with pretty '60s-ish sound), Hartman comments: "The demands made on words by the situation of song differ from the demands made by poetry.
These poets were not interested in originality; they tried instead to perfect the techniques of the love lyric or song.
Painter then studies these attributes in combination through a detailed treatment of the tempered modernist love lyric.
This love lyric in pentameter couplets celebrates the physical pleasures of lovemaking.