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the lyric of a love song

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In particular, Cheney suggestively interrogates the problematic situating of the love lyric within contemporary generic hierarchies.
Her palpable presence in the poem makes the text's dissection of Adonis all the more striking, particularly given how rarely love lyric objectified the male body.
In contrast to the traditional love lyric, this beloved is plural: the first line reads, "Beloveds, we wake in the morning to darkness and watch it turn into lightness with hope.
The aubade, the dawn-song, was yet another principal convention of the medieval love lyric (cf.
Anyone with even a passing knowledge of medieval and Renaissance love lyric knows that the eyes are crucial.
However, readers seeking a new account of death in medieval love lyric will be disappointed, for the conclusion merely reiterates structuralist ideas on la circularite du chant:, thus for Toury evocations of death serve ultimately to foreground the song as an object of desire.
She is the author (with Peter Stallybrass) of Renaissance Clothing and the Materials of Memory (2000); and of Currency of Eros: Women's Love Lyric in Europe, 1540-1620 (1990); and has edited (with Margaret F.
Larry Neal's hipster love lyric "Poppa Stoppa Speaks From His Grave" exemplifies the other pole of controversy.
Cosmos and image in the Renaissance; French love lyric and natural-philosophical poetry.
Wilkinson takes as axiomatic that the tradition of the love lyric has reached a point of exhaustion or impasse.
In regard to the issue of the love lyric, particularly the popular forms of the love-lyric, Menocal suggests an oral-based model not far removed from the way in which the modern popular love lyric (witness the Beatles and Jacques Brel) moves across boundaries and cultures with an ease and suppleness that would confound anyone seeking a paper trail.
Well into his analysis of this song (one that might seem burdened by too much attention, for it is, after all, a fairly unremarkable adolescent love lyric with pretty '60s-ish sound), Hartman comments: "The demands made on words by the situation of song differ from the demands made by poetry.
Walter Haug, whose paper concluded the symposium on what was his seventieth birthday, discusses correspondences between mysticism and the love lyric in the changes in their respective conceptions of love.
Gordon Braden's essay on the ways in which Ovid's theme of immortality appears in love lyric seems willfully to unfold according to the author's own associative faculties.
However, there is not a page which does not offer stimulating information about various aspects of medieval Latin lyric, particularly love lyric and satire, about vernacular lyric, and about other authors such as Walter of Chitillon, Philip the Chancellor, and Bernardus Silvestris.