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sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people

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In comparing adults in the older age groups, those beyond 60 years of age were found to be less satisfied with their love lives than those between 31 and 59 years old, partly because it is of less importance to them.
We asked Welsh footie fans if the World Cup is a disaster for their love lives.
On the other end of the spectrum, Hispanic women consistently reported the most satisfying love lives.
The two women, who are now both outsiders in Royal circles, shared hours of giggling gossip about each other's love lives.
Krantz, who biennially releases a best seller about fabulous women, their hard-won careers, concomitant men, demanding wardrobes and explicit love lives, has come to Balboa to weekend, to holiday, to be alone with the man to whom she has been married for 42 years.
CINCINNATI -- The "America Says" Survey issued for Summer, 2006 documents what a happy bunch Americans are: 77 percent are either extremely or somewhat happy in general, and their major sources of happiness are their love lives and their immediate families.
Joe disco as she at firs learns she's (Gregor Fish baby is her m (Alexander A unwilling to love lives ev Joe discovers that Lucy isn't as happy as she at first thinks, particularly when he learns she's moved back in with her dad (Gregor Fisher), while the father of her baby is her married boss Dominic (Alexander Armstrong).
London, Feb 11 ( ANI ): Women between the age of 18 and 40 years are sexting more than ever, while Facebook and other popular media outlets are viewed to play a heavy influence on their love lives, a new survey has revealed.
IT MAY have been suspected for years, but it's now official, drivers value their cars more than their love lives.
Based on Terry McMillan's popular novel, this episodic study of four African-American women's unlucky love lives is driven by rage but leavened by laughter.
The survey sheds a little more light on how men and women view their love lives.
0, it's derl ang at At around pounds 60, it's just the thing for elderly men pondering a change of job as they try to spice up love lives wrecked by hours of commuting.
The survey probing the impact of erectile dysfunction on love lives found 17 per cent of males said their relationships would break up if they flopped between the sheets.
Scoring over fifteen top ten hit songs, including Small Town Saturday Night, I Know Where Love Lives and Hearts Are Gonna Roll, Ketchum's heart-felt lyrics and dynamic performances endear him to music fans of rock, folk and country.