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The Love Line is the most slut-phobic show in America.
The Emeshel Love line of jewelry features a number of wearable crystal accessories, including handmade necklaces, bracelets and earrings, of which select items are meticulously threaded with handcrafted Venetian-style pearls.
The Knots of Love line will be launching in all Sears stores and on Sears.
One of the reasons Ruth reckons people love line dancing is that as well as being great fun it can keep you just as fit as going to an aerobics class every week.
AN American businesswoman has thrown a love line across the seas - in a bid to find an Irish charmer who stole her heart.
Drew Pinsky, host of Love Line, Andy Dick of the Andy Dick Show on MTV, John Caponera, a comedian and Harry Carey impersonator and Chris Farley's brothers, John and Kevin, who acted in The Waterboy and Almost Heroes.
The Everlasting Love line of books will launch its first two titles, Dancing on Sunday Afternoons and Fall from Grace, on January 30, followed by The Depth of Love and A Heartbeat Away on February 27.
Maybe you and your significant other love line dancing and dressing in Western wear.
Created by The William Carter Company, the Real Love line will debut in major department stores across the country.
I Would, But I would drop love lines like pistachio shells drop below the perpendicular line drawn by the tin horizon of your cracked high window frame.
the cheesy love lines between the hero and the damsel in distress, the corny jokes and the inevitable slapstick humour.
And how do you not love lines like "If Massachusetts is a coffin/ than Worcester has the perfect funeral for you.
Participants may submit their own With Love lines at visitphilly.
Emmerdale LOVE lines are crossed like a cat's cradle as Chloe, Carl, Chas and Sid toy with each other.