love life

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sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people

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In fact, ever since loving Venus come on to your radar, you've been determined to sort out your love life.
PASSIONATE PARENTS Balancing your love life and looking after children can be a huge challenge for most parents, according to flirt coach Peta Heskell.
William Shakespeare's mysterious love life will come under scrutiny in Shakespeare's Other Anne, a one-man play by Richard Derrington, which will be staged at Atherstone Leisure Complex, in Long Street, later this month.
The aim of an artist is not to solve a problem irrefutably, but to make people love life in all its countless, inexhaustible manifestations.
EMMA'S roller-coaster love life has taken another bumpy turn with the revelation that she is two-timing soccer star Rio.
The Souler Opposite focuses on Barry Singer (Meloni), a comedian whose love life is a bit of a joke.
Love Life Reboot was created to offer tools that help readers achieve lasting relationship change.
Our contest goal, like our company goal, is to help couples improve their love life," said Mr.
Justin and Cody got a lot of similarities when it come to making music and even their love life.
But I can honor them by remembering that I myself have to "love life to have life and have life to love life.
Dick Vernon, 39, a lorry driver from Bridgend ``I wouldn't have thought it was bad for your love life, no.
To love life and people as God loves them--for the sake of their infinite possibilities.
They also asked married couples intimate details about their love life.
She also has a mouth like a sailor, the fashion sense of a supermodel and a heart of steel--not to mention the love life of a rabbit, which is hardly a secret, as if she cares.
As usual, the love life of Allen's protagonist (Isaac Davis) is a dysfunctional disaster, and his relationship with a teenager (Mariel Hemingway) seems darkly foreboding of Allen's personal misadventures.