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a personal letter to a loved one expressing affection


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It was her first love letter and she confided to me that it gives you a very queer feeling to get it.
He'd better learn how to spell before he takes to writing love letters.
He wrote him love letters signed "Comtesse de M--" or "Marquise de B--"; took him to the Opera on gala days and presented him to some grisette under the clock, after calling everybody's attention to the young fool.
Generally it is the custom for the speech at a veselija to be taken out of one of the books and learned by heart; but in his youthful days Dede Antanas used to be a scholar, and really make up all the love letters of his friends.
Prior to the Love Letter Band, there was said to have been "a shitty, Southern California-style punk band" you were involved in amongst your circle.
From the lo-fi funky come-on of "Come Over Here" to the gorgeous love letter "I'm Okay," Bettens mixes the personal and the political to create something raw and beautiful.
The security also busted him writing a love letter and posting it on the windshield," claimed the woman.
But, overall, it's like a love letter to Liverpool - albeit a love letter with some shocking lines.
A survey of 2,000 women carried out by the Department for Education and Skills found 77 per cent of respondents preferred a love letter to an email or text.
Love letter necklaces with charms are priced from GBP165 - GBP280.
A Love Letter to Black People: Audaciously Hopeful Thoughts on Race and Success" is one man's pleas to the black community to turn themselves around and uses examples of successful black people, with the key look at the recent Presidential success of Barack Obama.
In addition to wonderful pieces from the public, artists from all over the world have submitted wonderful items for Love Letter, Love Letter, and the show is now beginning to capture the public imagination.
The novel sees a journalist, who is having an affair with a married man, come across a love letter from 1960 in the newspaper archives at work.
Veliko Tarnovo has become the romantic capital of Bulgaria for 2010 after its citizens wrote the longest love letter of 30 meters.
The corporation plans to put the love letter on display at Keats House, the Regency villa in Hampstead where he lived from 1818 until 1820.