love knot

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a stylized or decorative knot used as an emblem of love

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from Coral - First: 1 Black Taxi (14), 2 Blonde Buster (8), 3 Greenlough Kew (m) (8), 4 Love Knot (m) (33), 5 Younever Cantell (m) (10), 6 Toosey Bill (w) (14).
She and the duke then proceeded up the cathedral's nave,past the love knot they inscribed together when as Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh they made an official visit to the cathedral in 1949.
She begs her knight-Savior to disentangle her permanently from her pernicious relationship, to undo the love knot with which she has bound herself to evil.
Sue hit it big time on a local radio when she did five programs a week, featuring hits like "There's a Love Knot in my Lariat," for $27.
12) The allegorical connection is made explicit in an early 16th century tapestry in which a figure personifying Loyalty proudly displays a love knot in her hand.
At PS27 for the board game, you can afford to be them all As seen on the beautiful Eva Green, Casino Royale features a sentimental sub plot involving Vesper Lynd and her Algerian Love Knot Necklace.
PETERMULLAN & ewenBreMner NOW a big movie star actor and director, Mullan co-starred with his future Trainspotting sidekick Bremner as member of a climbing club who fell under suspicion in the 1990 episode Love Knot, in which a drenched body is found in the River Clyde with an ice pick through his head henryIancusIcK THE Scot, best known as the eccentric hero Desmond from Lost, had a part in Fatal Inheritance in 1993.
At the centre of the love knot, embracing the roses, the absolute beauty of a fabulous Montblanc diamond, capturing and expressing the sparkle and shine of these fabulous and uniquely personal sensations.
48pm: 5-2 Postle Supreme, 3 Blonde Buster, 9-2 Love Knot, Roofless, 5 Glencoe Lass, Paulees Prince.
There's more silver, too, albeit in a supporting role, such as combined with gold in ExCell Home Fashions' Love Knot napkin ring, or providing sparkle to Tobin's Snow Globe vinyl placemat.
Other stylish diamond earring options include pave inside-outside hoops, colorful gemstone and diamond drop earrings and timeless love knot designs.
THE LOVE KNOT (Charlotte Bingham, Bantam, pounds 5.
Each attendant carried a bouquet of green hydrangeas, Stargazer lilies, and lisianthus, all wrapped with sage green love knot ribbon.
Its other features included an earl's coronet, a fleur-de-lys, a Tudor rose, a portcullis and a love knot complete with the initials of Tudor's son, Henry VIII.