love handle

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excess fat around the waistline

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Unfortunately, many people have the misconception that holding hand weights and doing side bending exercises will trim or tone the love handles. However, lateral flexion is performed mainly with the deep muscles of the spine and not with the internal or external obliques.
Love handles, the pinchable fat on both sides of the stomach, are especially stubborn and hard to lose.
As the sugar load normally exceeds our body's ability to clear it, excess is metabolised and stored as LOVE HANDLES." Replace rice and pasta with "konjac root" versions, such as Zero Noodles, which are carbohydrate-free.
I had to gain weight for the film and I show off my love handles. And suddenly everyone was saying, ' Oh My God, how sexy ( she has become)'.
We don't want to see what contributes to those love handles.
She's already set up a few consultations and is looking into non-invasive lipo on her tummy and love handles.
However, in one of the drollest essays, he talks about the accumulation of books as if it were an eating disorder, culminating in "bibliographical love handles."
Got up early this morning, just couldnt sleep was thinking about my new holiday clothes, on the floor in a heap For the day before, I tried them all on which would be best to catch the sun when it shone But that''s just where I hit a snag I havn''t even left yet, but I''m feeling the lag My newclothes could be described as 'snug'' they fit where they touch, like a very tight hug For zipping up the new summer twirly skirt my skin it pinched, ouch, it really hurt My newpolka dot bikini, with it''s classic thong looks more like silly string, obscured by the flab,well that''s just wrong Theres definatelymore ofme than therewas love handles have bloomed, and that''s because I fell in love, served huge portions for my man I tucked in too, kept him company, bought a bigger pan!
They lift and firm flabby bums, suck in beer bellies and smooth away love handles.
Rock added, "Responding to customer demand, Debenhams has developed products designed to pull in tummies, lift bottoms and smooth love handles specifically for men.
From left: Samuel Himmelstein by day, and Samuel Himmelstein by night; the Love Handles rock out (see Himmselstein in tie dye, at far left)
James want parents to trade in their spare tires for Love Handles.
I enjoyed the June/July issue, but I have to respond to Greg Rodriguez's article on "Ultimate Concealment." He says IWB holsters are good--"if you have six-pack abs and have yet to see the onset of love handles." I definitely don't have six-pack abs and found love handles a long time ago.
If you have more love handles than you can handle and the thought of squeezing into that bikini leaves you colder than the water off Hampton Beach, fear not.