love affair

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Synonyms for love affair

Synonyms for love affair

an intimate sexual relationship between two people

a strong, enthusiastic liking for something

Synonyms for love affair

a relationship between two lovers


References in classic literature ?
Joe Welling's love affair set the town of Winesburg on edge.
His mother had been in her youth a brilliant society woman, who had had during her married life, and still more afterwards, many love affairs notorious in the whole fashionable world.
As it was, he found consolation in the thought that some love affairs did come out right.
Then came the question of gallantry and love affairs. Under this head, also, Bragelonne had much more to hear than to tell.
Philip envied the easy way in which the painter managed his love affairs. He had passed eighteen months pleasantly enough, had got an excellent model for nothing, and had parted from her at the end with no great pang.
Summary: Bhadradri Kothagudem (Telangana) [India], July 5 (ANI): In A man was reportedly stabbed to death over his sister's love affair in a birthday party on Friday early morning.
Carlo Gomez, besides the mangrove propagules, also provided beach trees planted in the 17th 'Love Affair with Nature' held at Sitio Tagbarungis, Barangay Inagawan-sub.
STRONG LINEUP FOR BOOMBOX Mr Hercules & Love Affair himself, Andy Butler, is making a long-overdue return to Belfast tonight, headlining HOtel MOtel at Boombox.
A single mother of five who killed her brother for trying to stop her love affair with an Akorino man has been sentenced to five years in jail after she pleaded guilty.
Summary: The doomed love affair between a prince and a courtesan will be brought to life at Ductac
I am familiar with this one-sided love affair: journeying through years of love, initially with optimism and hope, eventually slumping into a dejected acceptance, a learned helplessness.
Critique: Well crafted and memorable characters combine with a deftly woven plot of unexpected twists and surprising turns, "Unconventional Love Affair" is a consistently compelling read and underscores author Robert Miller as an extraordinarily skilled novelist.
It's a love affair triggered by his grandad, Many were taken on journeys to the most remote football grounds in Scotland, to John O'Groats, to island pitches on the rugged west coast and to Ardgay, near Glen Morangie.
Summary: Bahraini artist Thajba Najeeb's latest collection is a continuation of her last series entitled "My Love Affair" where her love for the city of Lahore, Pakistan is expressed on canvas with rich colours, textures and vividness.
Amber Court of Pelham Gardens, an assisted living facility for the elderly, spread the warmth to their beloved residents this holiday by hosting 'Love Affair', a famous Valentine's Day outreach concert.