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one of a set of parallel slats in a door or window to admit air and reject rain


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A low loss louver at 600 fpm for either payback is the best economic choice.
Prices at the Louver House begin at $553,000 to $768,000 for one-and-two-bedroom homes.
Using quality louvers as an example, the parabolic louver was originally made of material that had surface hardness that was high on the Brunel scale.
Glassalum sued Airolite for breach of contract based on the noise and vibration of the louvers.
One of the Weinig moulders there, a Unimat, is dedicated to processing louver blanks.
Because a louver is a slugless operation--no waste material--you can make louvers wider than the bore of the turret punch holder by carving away the station on either side of it.
Ice will form first at any of the air/water interfaces in the cooling tower, such as the inlet louver area.
The Louver House in Williamsburg has reached the 60 percent sold mark,
Failure of the condenser air outlet louvers to open or close is due to binding of the louver actuation cables.
As with his last bravura turn at LA Louver, "Looking at Landscape/Being in Landscape" in 1998, these new pictures show Hockney returning to the land of his birth and finding there some affinities with his second home in the American West--most notably in their shared panoramic skylines.
Each board of the louver panels was secured by a single screw through the cap board from above.
Modern Spaces, the Long Island City-based firm, has made its first venture into Williamsburg with their appointment as the new sales and marketing team for The Louver House luxury condominiums.
And even then you should Fasten the louver covers on both the DLTM, LMRD and LEM to make sure water can't accidentally get in them.