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a person who has a nasty or unethical character undeserving of respect

any of several small insects especially aphids that feed by sucking the juices from plants

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The adult louse is no bigger than a sesame seed and is grayish-white or tan.
"The main issue around lice is some parents don't check their children's heads often enough, so the small risk of head louse transmission magnifies because infestations aren't identified early enough and therefore have a chance to spread throughout a social group.
Children sitting side by side for hours make it very easy for a louse to leave one head and go to another one.
PS8.99, www.nittygritty.co.uk HEDRIN ONCE SPRAY GEL THIS thick gel formulation contains Penetrol to aid penetration into the louse egg.
to child's lice they used a " Parents and carers should aim to check their children's hair once a week during hair washing - using a louse detection comb.
The human body louse (Pediculus humanus humanus) has played a key historical role in the transmission of diseases such as trench fever, epidemic typhus, and louse-borne relapsing fever (1,2).
However, re-treating is crucial, especially in the off-chance that your superman- or superwoman-like powers of detecting and removing every nit or louse have failed.
During the life cycle of lice, the female louse lays eggs, called nits, and careful examination may show adult lice on the scalp or nits firmly cemented to the hair.
A The human head louse (multiple: lice, singular: louse) is a small insect about 3 mm long.
Washington, June 22 (ANI): Scientists have successfully sequenced the genome of the human body louse.
In the new study, the scientists looked at DNA both in the nuclei of louse cells and in the mitochondria, which are the energy factories inside cells.
"In reality, there is nothing to be panicked or embarrassed about; head lice do not carry diseases and even the cleanest children get them," declares Cheri Hayes, certified school nurse and author of There's a Louse in My House.
The unique study, which is published today in the British Medical Journal, involved 126 young people with head louse infestation - 56 were given a Bug Buster kit and 70 insecticide treatments.
In the United States, body louse infestation mainly affects homeless populations.
The human louse finds people so delicious that it accepts no substitutes and cannot live more than a few hours away from the sustenance of the human body.