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characterized by or expressive of a foreboding somberness


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I really don't know how you ask white people not to be white in the world we're creating," Loury cautions.
I have found the university to be an extremely warm, welcoming, supportive and open environment to undertake my work," Loury posted on Facebook shortly after the protests erupted on campus.
Loury told International Business Times that although 85 to 90 percent of the testing needed for approval by the Federal Aviation Administration is complete, the aircraft has not yet attained its (https://www.
Weekly training totals can exceed 30 hours (Bowen, Bok, & Loury, 2000; National Collegiate Athletic Association, 2007; Ayers, Pazmino-Cevallos, & Dobose, 2012).
Loury offers two theories as to why most Americans tolerate this "monstrous social machine that is grinding poor black communities to dust.
Asi, Glenn Loury, al trabajar sobre el caso estadounidense y en concreto, sobre el tema de la encarcelacion de la poblacion afroamericana, busca analizar el proceso historico de la estigmatizacion racial y su reproduccion y efectos sobre la poblacion racializada como negra hoy en dia.
Stop and frisk," minimum sentencing, and the aforementioned "three strikes" have been deemed as intentional and racist with regard to the people and places targeted by these initiatives (Alexander, 2010; Loury, 2008, 2010; Pettit & Western, 2004; Project, 2010; Sampson & Loeffler, 2010; Wacquant, 2001, 2010).
Black conservatives have received considerable attention from the white media because their ideas are thoroughly applauded and widely supported (Steele, 1991; Loury, 1995).
Loury, The Anatomy of Racial Inequality, Harvard University Press 2002; and 'A Dynamic Theory of Racial Income Differences', in Phyllis Wallace and Annette LaMond (eds), Women, Minorities and Employment Discrimination, Lexington Books 1977; also E.
Loury, a former Reporter publisher and now a senior investigator for the Better Government Association.
The 2012 Velada Golden Jubilee segment was led by Cora Relova, Omang Quirino Palanca and Loury Urtula Lacson, who outdid themselves with the exciting dance medley, palanggas.
The skills necessary for public health practice can be enhanced by meaningful clinical experiences (Malette, Loury, Engelke, & Andrews, 2005), but clinical sites can be scarce.
This book comes to us with a remarkable range of recommenders: Glenn Loury, Abigail and Stephan Thernstrom, Eric Hanushek, Ron Haskins, Heather MacDonald, David Blankenhorn, Chester Finn, and others.
tv dialogue, two important black intellectuals, Glenn Loury and John McWhorter, showed far more interest in Paul's foreign-policy ideas, and the attempts to stamp them out, than they did in the old documents.
Portes (1998) credits Bourdieu (1985) with the first systematic contemporary approach and makes mention of Loury (1977, 1981) as a second source that was extended by Coleman (1988).