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small magnifying glass (usually set in an eyepiece) used by jewelers and horologists

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Dune Loupe Denim Smart Slider Sandal, PS85 Evans Extra Wide Fit Red Mini Wedge Mules, currently reduced to PS31.50 from PS35 Lipsy Flat Sliders, PS36, Next 2.
The following methods were used to estimate the number of glomeruli in the tissue fragments: 1) inspection with an eye loupe; 2) conventional light microscopy; 3) light microscopy with a small condenser aperture; and 4) stereo microscopy.
loupe is a magnifying device that allows a photographer to get a close-up look at an individual frame on a strip of film or a jeweler to get close to the flaws in a diamond.)
The value of loupe magnification: an underused tool in emergency medicine.
* The Loupe Cell Browser: interactive visualizaon tool that delivers insights into single-cell gene expression.
I picked up a loupe one day and put it over the logo of an ad.
The world number three went on to cut the gap to American leader Andrew Loupe with a three under par 69.
Presidee par le wali, la session en question a ete une occasion pour, d'une part, passer sous la loupe tous les indicateurs et les emplois generes dans les differents secteurs d'activite, et de l'autre, prendre des decisions pour reduire le chomage et optimiser l'outil de travail.
Johannesburg, Feb 8 ( ANI ): American golfer Andrew Loupe has grabbed the lead at the rain-hit Pebble Beach National Pro-Am tournament after firing an eight-under par 63 at Monterey Peninsula on Thursday.
Andrew Loupe knows how one week can change everything.
Une nouvelle Constitution qui a ete l'objet, principal, sinon l'unique de leur mandat et pour lequel, ils ont ete remuneres Le site Marsad qui suit l'operation de vote a la loupe, rapport aussi les noms de 10 autres deputes qui s'etaient illustres par le plus bas taux de participation au vote.
Prism telescopic loupes are the most advanced loupe optical magnification currently available is the prism telescopic loupe.
If we look at the diamond price chart over the last 50 years for average One Carat D Loupe Clean wholesale diamond prices, the prices have gone up from USD 2,700 in 1960 to $25,000 in 2010.With the recent price hikes, we are ensuring that we pass on the absolutely minimum necessary price increase to our customer even if this means that we have to reduce our margins even lower.
Jurien de la Graviere, the delegate for "nuclear safety" of the Ministry of Defence highlighted the major risks a detachment of a "loupe," in the reef cliff of Moruroa atoll would cause with its collapse and probably provoke a "wave" 10 to 20 meters high!
Each piece of jewelry comes with a magnifying loupe. The company says it uses nanotechnology to insert the image into the diamond rather than inscribing it with lasers.