lounge lizard

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a man who idles about in the lounges of hotels and bars in search of women who would support him


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If you met this computer Casanova before, this will be a triumphant return to gaming's most celebrated lounge lizard.
Sydney, Australia, Mar 5, 2012 - (ABN Newswire) - Kagara Limited (ASX:KZL) is pleased to announce that it has reached agreement with Western Areas NL (ASX:WSA) to sell its nickel assets in Western Australia, including the Lounge Lizard nickel mine, for $68 million in cash.
Dr Duncan's for Bryan Ferry lounge lizard acolytes Roxy Magic at the Tunnel Stage, 5pm on Sunday.
Still genial and charming but more lounge lizard than pop star and this is the music of late nights and smoky bars.
The chief executive of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry confesses to a love of Geordie lounge lizard Bryan Ferry - or at least his music - when he's not out and about on the city's business circuit.
He said, 'Rhys Ifans plays the hero as a kind of effete lounge lizard.
Sprinkle with Tom Waits and stir in some Celtic soul - and you have Fish's irresistible recipe for New Orleans gumbo, with mariachi passion and lounge lizard schooze on the side.
It's Spacey's way of admitting that, yes, he is 44 years old (his age when he made the movie) and lounge lizard Darin was all of 37 when he died, so let's go ahead and identify the elephant in the room and get on with the show.
j GEORGIA Salpa, who is enjoying a holiday in Italy with professional lounge lizard Calum Best, had better watch out.
Dot won't be the first grown woman to drool in the presence of sporting lounge lizard Lynam.
Christie and Peter Kay topped the singles chart for seven weeks, and lounge lizard Andy Williams is about to go on tour.
In mostly effective segments, the ``American Beauty'' trophy winner perched on a bar stool in black tux and perfectly channeled an oily lounge lizard, spicing tunes with Rat Pack-style asides and brief impersonations of Marlon Brando, Jerry Lewis and even Katharine Hepburn (Darin himself mimicked James Cagney, Clark Gable and Robert Mitchum in similar fashion).
Next week the husband and wife team are launching Lounge Lizard Design, offering people the chance to have their favourite photographs made into blinds, canvas prints, cushions, pillowcases and beds for their pets.
Still, the old lounge lizard has always mined the emotions pretty deeply for his own particular brand of songwriting.