lounge lizard

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a man who idles about in the lounges of hotels and bars in search of women who would support him


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The key areas which the review focused on were the Lounge Lizard deposit and its immediate surrounds, as well as the larger regional tenement package at Forrestania, covering some 300 square kilometres.
Verastique, who portrays both a cocky Italian busboy and a downtown lounge lizard in two separate acts of Contact, is a perfect fit for Stroman's combination of hightech dancing and serious acting skills.
Justino Diaz, with his Wayne Newton appearance and questionable singing, comes across more like a Los Vegas-style lounge lizard than the virile, charismatic matador, Escamillo.
His most recent release, Standards, sees him in lounge lizard mode taking on the Rat Pack classics of Sinatra and the like.
My music does not follow any one formula; it is eclectic music, from lounge lizard schmooze, to sounds that are more rooted in alternative rock.
Captain, leader, legend, lounge lizard. Do not disturb until his 650th appearance at Anfield in the Capital One Cup semi-finals tomorrow night.
Ever the lounge lizard, he swapped patterned smoking jacket for natty blue suit at half time.
Image: Ageing lounge lizard Best known for: Fronting Roxy Music Early life: Born September 26, 1945, in Washington, County Durham.
Snake has become a maraca-shaking lounge lizard, Owl an old army major and Fox a sleazy wheeler-dealer - all played by the same actor.
Self-confessed "lounge lizard" Fields has created a new cocktail called Nightbird, available only at the shows.
Backed by his touring band and recorded mostly live, it's given the old lounge lizard a new lease of life.
He then turned lounge lizard to accentuate the full louche nature of the tango.
Frontman Kapranos, guitarist Nick McCarthy, bassist Bob Hardy and drummer Paul Thompson wore their usual lounge lizard suits as they gyrated and guitar-duelled around the stage.
In the middle of every set, he would suddenly slow down the time, and become a lounge lizard crooning and shim shamming along a diagonal to "I've got the routine ...
You might get the odd moustache-twirling lounge lizard who tries it on, but generally the groups are made up of singles who just want good company.