lounge chair

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a comfortable upholstered armchair

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995 FREE-STANDING MIRROR LOUNGE CHAIR Canterbury armchair, Dunelm, www.
The Henry Lounge Chair comes in appropriately-named Wallet Brown - your wallet will feel pounds 550 lighter afer this purchase.
Eames Lounge Chair in production, from The Eames Lounge Chair--An Icon of Modern Design, by Martin Eidelberg et al, London: Merrell, 2006, $45, [pounds sterling]29.
Consumers can purchase a lounge chair in the Providence collection for $660, and a Montauk Dining cooler for $249.
It consists of a combination of warm, soothing mud, herb-infused steam, guided meditation, two cleansing showers and a finale that involves sipping herbal tea while wrapped in a warm linen towel and reclining in a lounge chair.
An overzealous leap can land you right into a lounge chair.
For those tired of feeling like a beast of burden when heading out to the beach or picnic, there's the Dunebuggy from Lifestyle Fascination, Lakewood, NJ Small enough to fit into any trunk easily, this comfy yet sturdy marvel unfolds from a lounge chair into a cart that effortlessly rolls up to 75 pounds of food, drink, clothes, etc.
Its legs keep occupants about a foot off the ground, away from insects, rodents and snakes, and the cot can be converted to a lounge chair.
Converts to open unit or lounge chair for daytime use.
We wanted to do something that might one day become an icon like Le Corbusier's lounge chair or Mies Van der Rohe's Barcelona chair.
It was during this time that they created what is now considered one of the most significant designs of the last century - the Eames lounge chair and ottoman was a radical, affordable blend of the old club chair and the totally new.
The chrome-based Caleb lounge chair and ottoman by Sitcom Furniture in bonded leather are sleek and easy on the eye.
Leaf lounge chair by Lievore, Altherr, Molina for Arper.
The living room includes a settee and lounge chair from Roger Crowley Furniture, a sofa by Doma, a cocktail table by Baker Furniture and a stool by Johnny Poux.