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a truck equipped with a loudspeaker and used for advertising

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It is also claimed sirens failed to sound along the coast and there were no warnings from police via loudspeaker vans. An estimated 160,000 homes have been completely destroyed, while 66,000 more are badly damaged.
LOUDSPEAKER vans toured a five-mile stretch of the Swansea Valley broadcasting a warning to people living in Clydach, Trebanos, Alltwen, Pontardawe, Ynysmeudwy and Godre'rgraig not to eat white bread rolls bought in the district.
The Free Tibet Campaign reported that police in Sichuan's Ngawa county were making announcements from loudspeaker vans urging the leaders of recent protests to surrender.
THE Communist Party had a system of loudspeaker vans and a command post with a phone and team of messengers from which to co-ordinate the action.
200,000 were recruited via newspaper ads and loudspeaker vans and congregated in Delhi's ceremonial mall, the Raj-path, where they joined another 100,000 performers who were paid about 40p a day.
Police loudspeaker vans last night toured Welshpool and the surrounding villages near the River Severn broadcasting the following message: 'The River Severn contains poison which is dangerous to human life.
As a result, the election campaign began to heat up much later this year than usual, with fewer loudspeaker vans blasting neighborhoods, less promotional material being handed out and markedly fewer placards and flags featuring candidates fluttering alongside streets and bridges.
Apparently, they ran out of loudspeaker vans and local police had to resort to making hand-held loudhailers out of cardboard.