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A LOUDSPEAKER system is to be used by starters for all jumps races in Ireland with effect from Monday.
Family and friends - including many of Kirstie's peers from Ellesmere College - filled the church to capacity, with some standing in the churchyard listening on a loudspeaker system.
I am not one of those who prays five times a day but the mosque in my area - Saar - has a superb loudspeaker system that helps me keep track of prayer times and compels me to heed the call.
I would also like to thank those many residents that stood outside and patiently listened via the loudspeaker system.
NATCA alleged that "controllers at Oakland Air Route Traffic Control Center last Sunday were deliberately prevented from monitoring the distress calls from a small plane in trouble" when the supervisor cut the sound on the loudspeaker system tuned to the guard frequency (121.
The bus itself would have a loudspeaker system on board to enable senior citizens to know when they arrive.
Within the next year, Bray said officials will also create a loudspeaker system for common areas and install electronic bulletin boards for the hearing impaired.
is a tuner-mixer-amplifier and loudspeaker system designed for commercial use.
A loudspeaker system was erected so that the hundreds of mourners who stood outside the packed church were able to hear the service.
The Leeds referee informed the fourth official who arranged for a message to be broadcast over the loudspeaker system calling for an end to the racist abuse.
David Moran's quote: the "finest loudspeaker system designed and manufactured thus far," was placed on the cover, yet in his review (just preceding that quote) he criticizes 1) the cost, 2) the "voicing", 3) the EQ, and 4) the appearance.
We set up a loudspeaker system in the courtyard and people stayed, sitting outside or leaning against the wall, listening in.
Catherine Mortimer, 38, revealed yesterday she was left waiting in agony in the accident and emergency reception which had a tannoy loudspeaker system.
A THEME park fined for creating too much noise has lowered the volume of its loudspeaker system as a first step to comply with a court order.
The volume of a loudspeaker system at a theme park fined for creating too much noise was lowered yesterday as a first step to comply with a court order.