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of questionable taste or morality


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gws "loucher"--Meeks), verb and noun are found group written in seven different sources (versus one occurrence not in group writing) and the Semitic etymology is very sound both phonologically and semantically.
Il est decrit ainsi au premier chapitre: "ses yeux etaient brides aux pommettes, et il souriait d'un petit air narquois" (53), et reapparait au second: "les ombres reparaissant a contre-jour faisaient grimacer la bouche, loucher les yeux" (95); en revanche les favoris sont presents des le premier chapitre ("des favoris rouges elargissaient son visage"), et associes a la moisissure dans le second ("un peu de moisissure aux pommettes ajoutait a l'illusion des favoris").
It is also true that, despite William's predilection for some of London's loucher nightspots which cater for the well-bred and the better-heeled, those who were perceived to be a real threat have been quickly excluded from his immediate circle.
The Louchers Lane plant is the only production arm of hotels and leisure group De Vere after bosses quit the company's traditional Greenall's brewing and pubs business in the mid-1990s.