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of questionable taste or morality


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Some people are born to stride and pace; Matt Chapman, Sir Robert's ATR colleague, is almost certainly a vigorous strutter and Nick Luck, their bitter RUK rival, is known to stroll louchely, but the amble is the only natural gait for the man his friends call Sir Robert.
H is a jerry-built unicorn lounging louchely on a low oval pedestal, its body draped with a white sheet.
(Nineteenth-century British manners, I had discovered while reading Jane Austen in Salvador, were thrown into sharp, amusing relief by the louchely exuberant lifestyle that enveloped me--and vice versa.) Even the plane was part of my scheme: only once in the air would I allow myself the pleasure of cracking that cetacean spine.
The occasion was a revival of Cabaret, itself derived from the Isherwood story, and an attendant insinuation, remotely taken from Isherwood's schoolboyish speculation in Christopher and His Kind, that Jean had performed louchely on the stage of the Berlin Opera.
"These wholemeal biscuits are excellent," the other cheese-guzzler remarked, louchely dropping a couple of grapes into his mouth.
We were greeted by the odd sight of Pinter's louchely reclining characters with a frantic stagehand behind them haplessly tugging at the curtain, and it was 15 minutes before the now curtainless performance resumed.