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Synonyms for louche

of questionable taste or morality


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Aghenja n-mamma Wessara ou La louche de Mama Wessara, conte mozabite de Veronique Lagny Delatour, Ahmed Nou Mefnoune, illustrations de Jean-Michel Damien et Anick Lelienthal.
It will feature popular band The Boxtones, supported by jazz quartet Louche Manouche plus award-winning musicians Jason Chasland and Alex Farrell-Davey.
The Louche Theatre actors re-live the silly practical jokes and the memories of going to bed, trying to stay awake for Father Christmas.
The louche young boy proceeded to express his love for his (consenting?
HE'S sinewy, louche and looks a little bit like a hobo.
Gerard Aalders, Bernhard zakenprins: Zijn connecties met wapenhandelaren, louche zakenlieden en dubieuze bankiers.
England), Louche (Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, Belgium), and Perez (U.
No, not the art, but what you might have worn to the art openings and the clubs, the bars, the chichi restaurants: the whole glittering, louche shebang.
Lavezzi (78) sauvait l'honneur napolitain en effectuant une louche qui heurtait la transversale pour finir derriere la ligne de but.
A spokesman for Sayle has confirmed that her members-only club, Killing Kittens, has hosted louche soirees at the house, but says she was 'unable' to do so this year.
Comically louche and snide, his hilariously detailed grasp of extravagantly long sentences is a masterpiece of sustained comic timing.
Jumping ahead, the Troyens a Carthage evoked Evita and post-World War II colonialist affluence and worked palpably less well, particularly in a ludicrous conception of lopas (Quebec's Eric Laporte, singing well, but utterly sabotaged by the direction) as a louche fop channelling Elvis and/or Liberace.
For decades attention has focussed on the shenanigans of the louche denizens of Happy Valley, while the creators of one of Britain's most flourishing colonies have languished in obscurity.
Reveling in the heady atmosphere of"Dinner at Countess Pavahoke's," a fawning bourgeois becomes so captivated by the rarified habits of the aristocracy that, when their behavior takes an unexpectedly louche turn, his mortification scales dizzying heights.
The tone lightened with the company premiere of Offenbach in the Underworld (1955), a lively, louche, and lovely affair set in a fashionable Parisian care circa the 1870s.