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a sitting position with the legs crossed

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The Lotus position is practiced to allow the body to be held completely steady for long periods of time.
Mindfulness interventions have been readily adopted in some areas, often combined with yoga or cognitive-behavioral therapy, but these could be a hard sell for those who envision sitting cross-legged on yoga mats in the lotus position.
Going down on their girls is the most favourite act of an Italian and ' the Elephant' pose of making out is what the French love the most ( the Spanish love the Lotus position, by the way).
| LOTUS POSITION: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix winner Kimi Raikkonen with Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso and Red Bull star Sebastian Vettel, who were second and third respectively
lotus position, they've let the moonlight pass through them its two
And, despite being so nervous she spent the entire morning beforehand in the lotus position frantically chanting 'ohm' like someone with a gun to her head, she pulled it off admirably.
"He sits in the full lotus position to meditate for up to an hour and has a cold shower, winter or summer.
At the south wall of the central hall was found a monumental statue of Buddha in the lotus position sitting on a high pedestal, and the remnants of another smaller sculptures of bodhisattva; pedestal base remained uncleared," said Valeriy Kolchenko, archaeologist.
Cast in the 13th Century, Daibutsu is 13.35 metres high and sits in a shut-eyed lotus position, which is remarkable considering what it's been through.
This dragonfly was dead but seemed to have met a peaceful end, legs folded gently beneath its body almost in lotus position.
with up to 4,000 Yogic Flyers, experts in one of the advanced techniques of TM who are able to "hop" from the ground while sitting in the lotus position, showed that crime fell 23 per cent below the predicted level.
Thai sat barefoot in the lotus position at the defense table while his lawyer claimed that the allegations against him were fabricated and part of a power struggle between the two monks for control of the temple.
At the Zurich airport, Gianni Motti's Pre-Emptive Act, 2007-2008, commented ironically on the security precautions that now accompany all global migration with the silent performance of a security officer assuming the lotus position. Calmly reflective and profoundly subversive, this work ventures into a territory of shifting borders against which Switzerland, as a sort of political fortress, is still attempting to defend itself.
The measurement engineer's mantra is: "I will maintain objectivity." Now assume the Lotus position, se your eyes, and say it to yourself over and over.